Top 10 Xbox 360 Exclusives

Each console has its own exclusive titles, which other consoles never get their hands on. Nintendo’s consoles have the Mario and Zelda games, the Playstation 3 gave us Uncharted, and the Xbox 360 released the Halo, the Gears of War series, amongst others.

Here are ten of the best Xbox 360 exclusives, released on disc and via the Xbox Live Marketplace, so far.

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lastofgen2153d ago

Great list, but Halo 3 will always be at the top of the list in my heart.

gaffyh2153d ago

I'm surprised Halo 3 isn't on the list at all, because I preferred it over Reach and ODST, despite it being the oldest of the three.

Hisiru2153d ago

Best RPGs of this generation (imo):
-Lost Odyssey
-Demon's Soul

Gaming1012153d ago

They're probably picking their favourite of each franchise, like with Gears, Fable etc.

Poor Forza, always gets forgotten in so many "best 360 exclusives" list, probably because the authors are always biased to their own favourite genre, and in this case its shooters, RPG's and action games.

SockeyBoy2153d ago

Hmm looks like I need to purchase Lost Odyseey.
If it was a top 15 list, I would've added; Alan Wake, Fez, Forza 4, The Gunstringer and Banjo Tooie.

Hisiru2153d ago

Really? So you never played this game? It's one of the best RPGs I ve ever played and it feels more like the old Final Fantasy games than Final Fantasy XIII.

Also I forgot to put Mass Effect 2 on the list above :(

Booyah2153d ago

Lost Odyssey ? Might go pick it up to try then

bodybombs2153d ago

lost odyssey was amazing. the story was extremely deep and it really made you feel for the characters.

im sad it didnt get the reviews it deserved when it launched

nukeitall2153d ago


I would add the first Mass Effect. Simply because, it was more RPG like with more well defined classes and a more complex point system.

It also had the best story!

Hisiru2153d ago

Fair enough. In my opinion, ME1 has a better "rpg experience", it feels much more strategic as well, and ME2 is more action/shooter oriented. I agree that ME1 has a deeper story. ME1 also had a more balanced class system (I don't know if it's what you are trying to say).

I won't say ME2 is better than ME1 because it's really a matter of which kind of experience you prefer (I actually enjoyed the improved difficulty and new gameplay elements in ME2, but I have to agree that it lacks the "RPG" feel from the original game).

But still... Lost Odyssey is by far the best this generation has to offer (imho). It really feels like the good old Final Fantasy games, it has vehicles (like FF6, 7 etc), open world (no linear stuff like FFXIII), amazing story, amazing characters, incredible soundtrack, hours and hours of gameplay and it also has a lot of twists in the story. I had a blast playing it.

ShinMaster2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

I found Blue Dragon pretty basic, but still good. Crackdown was alright at best and Trials the XBL game? It was good so I guess that counts...

I liked Halo 2 better. For its time at least.
Halo 3 didn't feel like a next-gen game (i.e. animations), but Halo Reach actually did, even though many fans have problems with it.

SilentNegotiator2153d ago

Halo 3, Dead Rising 1, and Crackdown 1 were awesome.

WTF happened with their sequels?

Haha1232152d ago

Still surprised the ps3 still doesnt have a JRPG that outshines Lost Odyssey

Boody-Bandit2152d ago

There is at least 5 titles in this list I would replace with Forza. How can you have a top ten 360 exclusive list and not have Forza in it? It is a AAA title.

da_2pacalypse2152d ago

This is the worst list I've ever seen... Half of those games are nothing more than average. X360 might not have too many new exclusives, but the older ones were fantastic... and none of them are even listed here.


Anon19742152d ago

I've said it before and I'll say it again - Halo Retch was an abortion. I'll never understand why so many people preferred this game over the excellence of Halo 3. Uninspired weapons, forgettable, faceless characters, non-existent plot and nothing but "run from point a to point b" missions. This was an utter disappointment before you even got to the "kick you in the balls" ending. I hated everything about this uninspired single person campaign. Halo 3 was superior in every way.

And Dead Rising I wanted to like but ultimately just couldn't do it. The save system was so broken in this game it was unplayable for me. When I need to stop playing, I need to stop playing. I don't have 20 minutes to slog through zombies to get to a save point or else risk losing my entire progress. The novelty of killing the zombies in this game wore off within half an hour and they simple became a mindless obstacle that just slowed down gameplay instead of presenting a challenge. I was so hyped for this game, pre-ordered it, had it day one and I tried multiple times to get into it but I couldn't force myself to like it. I'd put it on the shelf and come back after a couple of months to give it another chance but I just found nothing to like about this game.

Gears 2 was one of my favorite games this gen, hands down on any console. This is well deserved. Same goes for Fable 2. I had an absolute blast with that game. Sad to see no Alan Wake on this list.

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TBM2153d ago

the only exclusives i care/d about on 360 is

Lost Odyssey (this being my favorite on the 360)
Alan Wake
Blue Dragon
Gears 1 (to me best of the 3)
Mass Effect 1 (best of the series)
SC Conviction
Crackdown 1 (didnt even waste my cash on crappy 2nd one)

TheLyonKing2153d ago

Haven't played blue dragon in years! I am going to play it tomorrow. Cheers for the memory update.

guitar_nerd_232153d ago

Totally agree about ME1 being the best one- hardly anyone seems to agree there.

It had the biggest soul by a mile.

SockeyBoy2153d ago

IMO Crackdown 2 was actually twice as good as the first one, espicailly with the wing suit and the rocket boots.

nukeitall2153d ago


I liked ME1 story the best, but the shooting mechanics of ME2 was superior. However, the classes got mixed so much between classes and toned down it hardly resembles the first game.

Arnon2153d ago

My top 360 titles would be

Alan Wake
Lost Odyssey
Gears of War
Blue Dragon
Mass Effect
Splinter Cell Conviction
Dead Rising
Deadly Premonition (Yes, it's really good)
Geometry Wars 2
Earth Defense Force 2017
Fable 2
Ninja Gaiden 2 (I consider the 360 version an exclusive in it's own right)

Mutant-Spud2152d ago

Yeah Deadly Premonition should definitely be on the list, it's one in a million alright.
I played through ME1 three times and it's one of the few games I still remember really well, ME2 I finished and had it back to EB before the 7 day return period was up, I remember very little about it and had no desire to go through it again.

Shepherd 2142152d ago

Guitar nerd 23

I think by "soul" you mean you just feel like that because ME1 was the wow factor. ME2 has just as much soul as ME2, just not the RPG depth of me1. Me2 ha excellent story depth and pacing, and had one of the best final sections of a game ever, where your choices throughout the game and during that final section mattered severely. Me2's characters where far more interesting than in me1, and way, way more fleshed out.

I actually cared deeply for Tali in me2, whereas I couldn't give a shit about her in me1. One of many examples, of course.

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TheRichterBelmont2153d ago

Lost Odyssey is one of this generations greatest pieces of hidden treasure.

Had it been called "Final Fantasy - Lost Odyssey" you can be sure it would have sold a lot better and possibly had a sequel.

floetry1012153d ago

It was pretty much the true successor to the Final Fantasy series, and I only discovered it when I bought my 360 in late '09. Fantastic RPG and an essential for the 360. Definitely deserved to be released on both consoles. Alas, it meets the same fate as Xenoblade Chronicles.

EZMickey2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

I used to be a big JRPG hater. Always used to make stupid comments about their gender confused looking characters with pink hair. One day I thought to myself, you know what, I should probably play a JRPG before I shrug an entire genre off.

I chose Lost Odyssey, mainly because it looks Japanese without looking Anime and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it quite difficult though, but I thought the story was superbly told and the visuals were stunning. I still can't believe it's Unreal Engine.

In the end, I still don't care much for pink hair and giant swords, but I'm not so biased anymore that I won't give other games in the genre a good try.

Edit: Crackdown will always be at the top of my list. Hands down the one game I've sunk the most time into this whole generation and still going.

Mutant-Spud2152d ago

I thought The Last Remnant Was excellent too, it was a 360 exclusive then ported to PC later.

Gamer19822153d ago

Some of these aren't exclusive I have them on my PC and they look 10X better too.

Sony3602152d ago

Let's start calling them "Microsoft exclusives" so people like this will stop flapping their gums.

doogiebear2152d ago

Hmmm, a lot of these exclusives look old.

rezzah2152d ago

It is about the best overall exclusives, regardless of time of release.

If jealousy is the reason behind your comment, simply by a 360 and get the exclusive you want =)

doogiebear2152d ago

Jealousy? Ps3 had over 40 great exclusives in the last 3 years. U must be delirious from playing too many Kinect games. Sit down and have a snack before u blurt out something even more foolish :D

otherZinc2152d ago

If theyre naming individual games, this is a terrible list.

This is the real list:
1. Halo 3
1A.Halo Anniversary
2. Halo Reach
3. Gears 3
4. Halo ODST
5. Gears 2
6. Mass Effect 1
7. Forza 4
8. Gears 1
9. Bioshock 1
10.Fable 3

Honorable Mention:
Ninja Gaiden 2
Splinter Cell:Conviction
Forza 3
Alan Wake
Fable 2
Left for Dead 2
Left for Dead 1
Mine craft
C.O.D. 2

ziggurcat2152d ago

the first bioshock is also on PS3.

Eyeco2152d ago

ME 1 is on PC , Gears 1 is on PC, , Bioshock 1 is on PS3,PC, Mac,
Ninja Gaiden 2 is on PS3, L4D 1, 2 are on PC and Mac (lol its not even a so called "microsoft exclusive") Minecraft is on PC, COD2 is on PC, Mac.

xtremeimport2152d ago

Articles like this are always amusing to me. Its like xbox fans saying "But we have good exclusives too!"

any gamer could probably guess which 10 are on this list before they even click the link. and THATS the difference.
Dont get me wrong, the exclusives it has are good. I just want more diversity in my gaming experience.

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StrongMan2153d ago

Gears of War 1 is not exclusive.

Moncole2153d ago

When they say exclusive they mean console exclusive. By your logic Ni No Kuni is not a PS3 exclusive because its also on DS.

CGI-Quality2153d ago

In both Ni No Kuni's and Gears of War's cases, that would be correct. Exclusive means just that, only on one. Gears of War is an Xbox 360 platform exclusive, not an exclusive title, and neither is Ni No Kuni. Of course it's arguing semantics, but Gears of War isn't the same as Halo: Reach, for example.

Still, the 360 library has plenty to boast about, and console exclusive or complete exclusive, it's been a Hell of a ride!

Outside_ofthe_Box2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

The DS and PS3 versions are different though. If they were both the same then you'd have a point that Ni No Kuni isn't an exclusive.

Trebius512153d ago

Gears of War is the same (and superior actually) on the PC. Ni No Kuni both games are very different...

but anyway ... exclusives have never been 360's strong point, but cant deny their marketing ability. They can make a PoS game shine like the 2nd coming with the amount of $$ they throw into its advertising.

guitarded772153d ago

I think it's fair to include console exclusives... maybe they could put an asterisks next to it though. Gears was published by Microsoft studios too, so it has the MS brand on it like the 360. I'm not downplaying PC here, just that the Gears franchise is largely associated with 360. I think the overall list feels dated though.

gaffyh2153d ago

Ni No Kuni on DS and on PS3 are two different games. It's not just a graphical downgrade/upgrade, the whole game is different. But I agree that GeOW should be counted, at least as a series on the whole.

_Aarix_2152d ago

And uncharted, god of war, gran turismo, and little big planet wouldnt be exclusive cause theyre also on the psp+psv, thin it out all you want but the term "multi-platform" is accurate here.

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Megaton2153d ago ShowReplies(18)
Eyeco2153d ago

I love how in 2012 people are still using the "console exclusive" argument , if i don't have to BUY A 360 to play a certain game its NOT an exclusive period. Don't you guys see it as reaching?

OneAboveAll2152d ago

It is live exclusive as it's for games for windows so yea...

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ChunkyLover532153d ago

I own every single one of them! I would have put Halo 3 above Reach though. Also, I think the original Viva Pinata is better than Trouble In Paradise.

Since they were listing exclusives they should have put Left 4 Dead or Forza 4 on there as well. Nice list nonetheless.

CGI-Quality2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

A PC isn't a gaming console, no, but it IS a gaming platform.

It does seem like eliminating the PC as a gaming platform says that 360 / PC titles are all exclusive to the 360, which is absurd. I understand what you're saying that consoles and the PC are different, but they are ALL gaming platforms.

Couldn't reply above, but that needed to be addressed.

Hicken2152d ago

It should be a really simple point, one that brooks no contention. Easy step-by-step demonstration:

Left 4 Dead is claimed as an Xbox exclusive.
Left 4 Dead can be played on Xbox.
Left 4 Dead can be played on PC.
Are the Xbox and PC versions the same game?
Is that PC an Xbox?
Left 4 Dead is NOT an Xbox exclusive.
The End.

If there was a difference in storyline or gameplay elements, you could argue that they're different games. But these things don't exist. So this game is not an exclusive.

2152d ago
trouble_bubble2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

lmao. Comparing L4D to something like MLB The Show which is a Sony IP and canNOT be played on RIVAL hardware like a PC or MAC, is just desperate. A PC or MAC is not the same thing as a 360 console for 1 big reason, MS doesn't own MAC. There's no crossplay/saves/trophies. The Vita meanwhile is an extension of that same Playstation experience with the same crossplay/saves/trophies, just a portable less powerful one.

When it comes to Sony there's always an excuse? You listed all Sony products. You're -making- excuses but in the other direction. Listen to yourself. Sony at war with Sony for exclusives? FFS people. When's the last time someone argued that Mario or Zelda aren't Nintendo exclusives because they've been on half a dozen different Nintendo platforms? So in your world Mario Bros and L4D are in the same boat? Nintendo lost exclusivity rights to itself, eh? -shoots himself-

Hicken2152d ago

I seriously cannot believe someone agreed with you.

Well, maybe I SHOULD believe it...

With your logic, there's no such thing as an Xbox or PS1 or PS2 exclusive, because you could play those in this generation's systems. The same with the Gamecube: since you could play em on your Wii, those games aren't exclusives, right? So much for Halo, Gran Turismo, and Zelda being exclusives.

2152d ago
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Pandamobile2153d ago

L4D is not an Xbox exclusive.

BrutallyBlunt2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

To me games are games, whether they be exclusives or not. I understand the practice of console exclusives (This helped Sony immensely on the Playstation 2 with key games like Grand Theft Auto) and how important they are, but games like Left4Dead are not true exclusives.

1. Lost Odyssey
2. Forza
3. Halo franchise
4. Gears Of War franchise
5. Viva Pinata franchise
6. Fable franchise
7. Kameo
8. Project Gotham Racing series
9. Crackdown series
10. Dance Central franchise

Those are really the biggest ones. I know some of them within the series are not exclusive but at least one ar i think. Microsoft really doesn't have that many that are big sellers. They also viewed the XBOX brand as a different platform than the PC and they also had Windows Live and never really seen the PC platform as a direct competitor. That's why they never had keyboard and mouse support because they really wanted the ease of console gaming to be different. It's also why updates are so quick and painless. They stuck to the plug and play mentality console gamers expect.

Isn't it funny how we have those who focus on the games that are not exclusive while totally ignoring putting up their own list. That's the trouble, too many people who have no real interest other than to cause issues.

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tynam2153d ago

really, fable 2?
and reach is number one?!
where is dead or alive 4 and earth defense force 2017!

Kratoscar20082153d ago

I dont own a 360 but Lost Oddissey would be the only reason to get one for me.

GameOn2153d ago

Vesperia is much better, a least thats my opinion.

Kratoscar20082153d ago

For that i have my PS3, havent played too much of vesperia and i like turn based gameplay so LO won me over.

GameOn2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

Speak + read japanese?

I found LO had quite a few intollerable characters That was my only gripe but it's a biggie for me. Made it to the last disc though.

JoySticksFTW2153d ago

LO, Crackdown and Dead Rising were the reasons I bought my 360. Gears 1 and ME1 are my favorite games for the system.

I had a really weak PC, so I went the PS360 route to cover the exclusives I want to play.

What's funny is I also seem to prefer the earlier versions of games most times this gen as someone pointed out above.

Same with Uncharted. 1's my fav in the series due to the story, though the others have better game play. And Demons' Souls is tighter than Dark Souls.

I do think Infamous, AC , and LBP sequels were better than the originals though

TheDivine2152d ago

Aye its well worth the purchase landlubber. Best turn based rpg since ffx and on par with it. They dont make em like that anymore. Also id add

Magna Carta 2 (criminally underrated)
Infinite Undiscovery (really unpolished by damn fun)
Metro 2033 (on pc but whatev)
Tales of Vesperia
Kameo (classic rare)
Alan Wake