The 10 Hottest Celebrity Gamers

Complex Gaming: These days, tons of hot girls consider themselves video game nerds. Whether they're simply addicted to Angry Birds or a pro sniper in online Call of Duty deathmatches, sexy women who know how to work a joystick get respect. Check out the 10 Hottest Celebrity Gamers to see what we mean.

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OneAboveAll2179d ago

Uh... what is Skyrim doing here?

Persistantthug2178d ago

She really did come across as knowing what she was talking about with certain games.

I don't know how deep she really is with gaming in general, but she did sound at least fairly credible.

Besides....I really do want some of this. :P

Summons752178d ago

why do I not believe 90% of these

MrMister2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

Because you are closed minded? I know a lot of women who are good looking that like games. Ever see how crazy most women (and even men) get over movies, books, TV, music etc any other form of entertainment?

Then why is it so hard to believe that women would like games--a form of media that encompasses ALL of those things, while also letting her INTERACT with it (which none of those other forms of media let them do).

My fiance plays hardcore games like Castlevania Lords of Shadows, Portal 2, Valkyria Cronicles, MGS Peace Walker, mass Effect 2 & 3 (ps3), LBP 1 & 2, Advance Wars series, Borderlands, beyond Good and Evil, Stacking, Virtua Fighter 5, Super Street Fighter 4, Heavy Rain, and Walking Dead (plus more I cant remember). She also beat many of these games already. And some of these games are HARD.

All they need is to be introduced to it (for those who never play them), and they will see the potential superiority of games over other forms of media. That's why the wii sold so well. It was a way for newbies (like many non-gaming women) to get into stuff that they never got to try before. Now 40% of the gaming market is women, in an age where only ONE major console has actually tried reaching out to them (in 2010 according to wikipedia

Imagine how much more now with Kinect, Free to Play games, cell phone games, facebook games, etc. Any man who can't understand is likely to be seclusive, not have many female friends (or even a girlfriend for that matter), etc. Because all my female friends are gamers, half of which play hardcore games alone (or with their boyfriends). [Including my 9 year old female relative (who is very girly, not a tom-boy)who loves to play her DS, yet is always feeling "guilty" because of the pressure family puts on her to not like non-girly toys (like pieces of shit barbie dolls). Yet nobody says anything to her when she watches a dumb-ass, mind-numbing, non-interactive film. -_-

Women not liking games = makes no sense. Those who don't have either never played modern games, or is a closet gamer just afraid to admit it because of the lingering taboo's that gaming is just for guys who sit in their mother's basements without seeing the light of day. Kinda like yourself.

Read the book "Gender Inclusive Game Design", and also considering going on dates and getting to actually understand women, before you judge. As a minority, I know what it's like to have people tell me I can or cant do something, or am less inclined to appreciate something just because of my heritage. Absolute bullsh*t, and I want my 9 year old niece to grow up in a better world where if she chose to be in this industry, she wouldn't be treated as second rate.

Megaton2177d ago

I've gamed with girls for my entire life, dating back to the SNES, and I agree with his post. I doubt 90% of that list. Felicia Day is the only one I don't doubt.

Summons752177d ago

lol I'm not closed minded at all, Oliva Munn dosen't know games at all just because she worked for a tv program dosen't qualify her. MOst celebraties say they play games for publicity so people will like them but then they only know call of duty or world of warcraft. I know a lot of girl gamers too, some of which are crazy good at games like halo or deeply set on 100% an RPG (Pre-achievements). I believe celebrities play games as much as I believe a politician who says he knows how people feel when they fill up the car on a budget (which is complete bullcrap when 90% of politicians are complete rich and/or have had people fill their cars for them and haven't touched a gas pump in years)

Arnon2177d ago

All you have to do is a litle research.

04soldier2177d ago

agreed.. Mila is the only one on that list I truly believe is valid. The addition of Olivia Munn to the list only makes the entire list invalid..

I mean they couldve put Michelle Rodriguez in her place (a true gamer) and I wouldve accepted that list.

Shes very sexy but has no place in or around the videogame industry...

SockeyBoy2178d ago (Edited 2178d ago )

agreed, Felicia Day is the only one I believe.

Edit: woops meant to be reply to Summons75

OneAboveAll2178d ago

Actually this list is pretty spot on. From interviews and other things i'v read most of these women do play games often and I think two built their own gaming rigs.

Megan Fox loves playing Halo last I heard.

OmniSlashPT2178d ago

IMO a gamer is not only a guy/girl that plays games, but someone that is interested in games, in the industry, events, releases, trailers, news, etc...

Everyone in the world has atleast played a game in their life, but how many of them know Zelda isn't the boy?

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