Feature: The Portrayal of Women in Video Games

Anyone who has played a video game in the last 10 years will know that the industry is fairly rife with direct and indirect sexism, but a new Kickstarter campaign which seeks to create a web series about these issues has caused a whole lot of controversy within the community. Is sexism the last gaming-taboo?

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egidem2125d ago

Septic couldn't simply behave like an adult.

Calvin_ISA2125d ago

Right? Women are portrayed super-feminine, men are portrayed super-masculine, and there are exceptions everywhere. No big deal, people need to get over it.

c1oudy2125d ago

It does annoy me that if you put a female character in a game with a good body thay call it hyper-sexualised and sexist but no such controversy appears when the vast majority of men in videogames have abs that are so well defined they look a canal system.

JamesSterling872125d ago

As far as a ratio goes, there are far more odd and imperfect male characters (Barry Wheeler - Alan Wake, Pigsy - Enslaved, Paco - Heavy Rain, even Max Payne) than female characters in games.

It would be refreshing to see more female protagonists who don't look like supermodels and the occassion lead that is far from it (like Brienne of Tarth). Variety is after all, the spice of life.

Slugg3r2125d ago

Well you won't have to look further than Portal. To be fair they actually gave Chell supermodel makeover in the second one.

maddfoxx2125d ago

There are always exceptions. I can name some female ones. Faith - Mirror's Edge, Elena - Uncharted Series, Alyx Vance - Half Life 2, Aerith - Final Fantasy 7. I can go on forever.

My point here is that feminist make it seem like females are ALWAYS sexulized and treated like objects in video games and then pretends that it doesn't happen to the other sex at all. We see over-sexualized males, both androgynous and transgendered (Poison), but no one seems to complain about them.

Bimkoblerutso2125d ago (Edited 2125d ago )

^That's kind of been my understanding of the whole situation as well.

Sure, there are a ton of scantily clad women in many, many games, but when you consider that male characters get the "beefcake" treatment 9 times out of 10 as well, you start to realize that it's never really been a gender thing. It's just lazy design. It's just developers mistaking aesthetic idealism for interesting characterization.

And it may just be old fashioned exploitation many times as well. Either way, both genders get the treatment in one way or another.

ShaunCameron2125d ago (Edited 2125d ago )

It's because women generally got self-esteem issues in regards to their own body image and appearance thanks to Western culture's beauty standards reinforced in video games just like it's reinforced in every other media. How else can you justify the existence of anorexia, beauty products and cosmetic surgery?

<but no such controversy appears when the vast majority of men in videogames have abs that are so well defined they look a canal system.>

Men generally don't have body image or appearance issues. That's why (main) male video game characters can be widely celebrated equally regardless of looks. Mario, Marcus Fenix, Nathan Drake, Link, (insert GTA main character here), Kratos, (Old) Solid Snake, etcetera.

pandaboy2125d ago

Actually many men do have body image issues and again it's the product of what we are exposed to in society. Men just tend to keep it to themselves because it is deemed unmanly or feminine to admit to it. That's why the suicide rates in young males is significantly higher than females with the same issues, the men have nobody to talk to about it.

TekoIie2125d ago


"Men GENERALLY don't have body image or appearance issues"

Generally is the keyword here, how did you miss that?

Getowned2125d ago

lol really you think a lot of men don't generally have appearance/image issues ? what planet do you guys live on, just would like to know because I like on earth?

Lots of people have appearance/image issues not just women or homosexuals, everyone at some point in the day or time in their life has image/appearance issuses. Men just don't take it to as high of an extream as women do.

Rettom2125d ago

And where is the proof of that statistic?

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ApolloTheBoss2125d ago

You can't spell Mass Effect without Ass Effect.

ShaunCameron2125d ago

Is this worth whining about?

Hazmat132125d ago

they should have the option to play as a female soldier on BF3 or MW3.

homer2125d ago

No thanks. Everyone would play as the women so that they will be slimmer and smaller and therefore be harder to shoot unless they gave us the option to play as testosterone pumped shemales.

TekoIie2125d ago

Well games like gears have done pretty well with characters that have a smaller frame so I bet BF3 could. You just make the character slightly smaller but leave the hit box alone.

rezzah2125d ago

The hit box should be the character body, not their invisible body extensions.

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