Intense violence, sexual content and more detailed for Sleeping Dogs

The Entertainment Software Rating Board has revealed their rating summary for Sleeping Dogs, detailing the game’s intense violence, sexual content and other mature-rated content.

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Surfaced2150d ago

just the right formula for selling a game these days

itani2150d ago

I'm getting this game looks pretty close to Yakuza and True Crime was alright back in my childhood days :D

ChocolateGiddyUp2150d ago

True Crime was pretty great. I had way more fun arresting innocent people on the street than I should have.

Eyesoftheraven2150d ago

I keep mistaking this game's title for Watch Dogs.

Draperc2150d ago

I've got the same problem, but the other way around.
I'm surprised that this game isn't getting a whole lot of attention. Sleeping Dogs might just be this year's sleeper hit.

Eyesoftheraven2150d ago

I used to like the first one in the series. Played it all the time in its day. True Crime: Streets of New York. Ahh the memories..

Eyesoftheraven2149d ago

Sleeping Dogs.. sleeper hit. Took me a day to catch on to that, lol.

maximus19852150d ago

whats that childhood? you say you cant wait for nostalgic true crime too :)

tigertron2150d ago

I'm really looking forward to this. It looks like a combination of GTA/Yakuza/Max Payne.

If this turns out to be a great game then I hope it does well.

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