The Tech-Gaming Podcast 10-9: Even Better Than the Real Thing

This week DesertEagle, The Lawman, Samurage, and BlueSwim deliver impressions of London 2012: The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games, SSX, Marvel Pinball 3D, Dead Pixels, Cubemen, Sailor Moon S Fighter as well as WipeOut 2048’s new selection of tracks. Inadvertently, the old philosophical question, “Can games be better than sex?” gets asked, foreshadowing a discussion of sexuality and anime characters. Before things venture too far into uncouthness, the crew focuses their thoughts on gaming trivia and heads into a heated dialog on why games aren’t as mainstream as film.

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RaptorMan2154d ago

Can games be better than sex? I'll answer that for you? "

No, Never"

madmad2154d ago

So much for the "Are games art" debate?

sharpsword2154d ago

Should be a question, not a statement.