Left 4 Dead - Cold Stream DLC release date

8bitfix says - The game may be almost 3 years old, but that does not mean that Valve is done with it! Valve has just announced that the Cold Stream DLC is finally getting release next month!

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dazzrazz2124d ago

Very nice to see valve supporting L4D for such a long time

VanillaBear2124d ago

Well the second game anyway

The first game they said they would still support they decided to kill off soon after they released's funny how the boycott group turned out to be right in the end

They first spilt the community, they then killed off one of the main characters and now they seemed to just stop supporting it all together.

jeeves862124d ago

Almost all of the first game's levels are available as DLC in the second game. DLC for PC is free, too. I'll take that.

ginsunuva2124d ago

It's so strange. L4D2 came out a year after the first, but now they support the second? Maybe they wanted to see if they could get away with yearly rehashes, but they realized the Steam community weren't braindead (no pun intended) like the xbox one.

Rubberlegs2124d ago

They did still support the first game after L4D2 came out. The Sacrifice was added and was supported for both games and The Last Stand was a free dlc horde map.

There is also plenty of good user created maps for both games on the PC. Really its the console version that gets no support since Valve has to charge for it so they wait to release a big dlc pack.
Just like the blog said all the maps from the first game that are already released on the PC are coming to the 360 version but it probably won't be free.

boyzilla2124d ago (Edited 2124d ago )

@ vanillabear

are you seriously still sour about valve releasing l4d2?

There's no way you can deny that l4d2 is anything less than a sequel with the new content they've added. Be it melee weapons, new special infected, characters, maps, firearms, bile bombs, mutations, etc. To me, that sounds like way more than any DLC I've heard of.

Not to mention it's only $20 right now, and has been on sale for about $6 plenty of times.

They tried something different, got some negative feedback from folks like you, and learned from it. That's why L4D2 currently has pretty much all of the content from the original embedded within it.

So don't go saying they "split" the community, if you're one of the "split" community members whining about it still, you either haven't found a job within the last 2-3 years or are just too lazy to find some quarters buried in your couch to buy the game when it's on sale.

As far as them killing off Bill? That's something called storytelling. Since you've even bothered to mention it, they obviously have your attention, shock factor at it's finest. I'd hate to see how you'd react to The Walking Dead comics. :P

pandaboy2124d ago

You must have bought l4d on the wrong platform vanillabear. It's practically a crime to play this game on xbox when you can do so much more on PC.

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WetN00dle692124d ago

Why does it say L4D2??
This DLC is for the first Left 4 Dead..........

Sgt_Slaughter2124d ago (Edited 2124d ago )

Um... what? It says it right on Valve's website through the freakin' link! L4D2 is right.

STONEY42124d ago (Edited 2124d ago )

Clearly he is right and I'm going insane, since I've been playing the map on PC in L4D2, not L4D1 for over 6 months.

WetN00dle692123d ago

The fuck is wrong with you???
Getting all butt hurt over a small little fck up!
Some of you need to leave your PC and go outside more often.

kingjoker342123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

coming from the guy with 69 in his name and over 1500 comments.Then has the nerve to tell somebody to go outside.
Graduate from junior high then reply. Derp.

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Axecution2124d ago (Edited 2123d ago )


yeah i agree its way better on PC. Except for split screen.

Seriously, i was so disappointed to see that the PC version had no spilt screen. Im not playing L4D on my own, and my friends dont have gaming PCs. I can connect 4 controllers to the PC. A few games support it.

I'll never in my life understand why L4D and CoD for the PC leave the feature out. There actually no reason.

If i were to rebuy L4D i would get it for 360, simply for the split screen.

decrypt2123d ago

PC version does have split screen. Google it up its there.

jeeves862124d ago

Obligatory Half Life 3 comment.

STONEY42124d ago


Patriots_Pride2123d ago

2019 release date would have been nice but then Gabe would not have anything to troll us with.

Megaton2124d ago (Edited 2124d ago )

Whaaa? I swear I played this like a year ago with several people from N4G.

Timmer2124d ago

There's a beta map available, but with the release of the full map, things might be different.

AgreeFairy2124d ago

I'd rather have L4D3 (only if they make it more like L4D1).

user54670072124d ago

With L4D characters

I don't care that Bill is dead, I'm sure they could make it so the DLC was just a "What If" scenario where the old survivors went south instead of North...

Non Cannon = Bill being Alive


AO1JMM2124d ago

Awesome but I want HL3

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