Leaked Soul Sacrifice release date?

PSU has received a tip from a trusted source that Soul Sacrifice, the hardcore action-RPG from Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune, will be coming to PlayStation Vita in March 2013.

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DivineAssault 1996d ago

I see a monster hunter KILLER here.. I know theyre different but it looks so damn good & fun.. This game warrants a collectors edition with a hardcover spell book & more swag like the ni no kuni wizard edition.. I already payed this bad boy off & cant wait to play it.. I dont care if it scores a ZERO on ANYONES review, im getting, opening, & playing this right away.. BTW it doesnt have anything at all to do with demon/dark souls so whoever keeps comparing them needs to stop... Its more of a folklore/monster hunter hybrid with gore, LOTS OF GORE.. sexy artwork & great music.. mine!

MasterCornholio1995d ago

It looks a lot more fun than monster hunter and i love the idea of the sacrifice mechanics, i never have seen any game that involves slicing off your fingers just to cast a spell. This title should be a pretty big one in Japan because its being made by Inafune. If Sony plays their cards right they can turn this title into the next monster hunter but it will take a few releases for them to do that due to Monster Hunters loyal fanbase.

Best of luck to Sony with this title.

DivineAssault 1995d ago

I really dont think sony needs to do much of anything.. This game is guaranteed to sell & possibly outsell every game vita has.. Inafune & Studio Japan combined is all ppl out there need to know.. In the west is where they might need to market & show it off because without major announcements @ gaming conventions, only hardcore audiences that read on games online & in magazines will know about it.. I know i will play this over monster hunter ANYDAY.. I have faith in the development team making this game so i know it will be a masterpiece & start a new IP series..