The Walking Dead Episode 2 PSN Launch Problems

After a two month delay, The Walking Dead Episode 2 launched on PSN this afternoon. To the dismay of Playstation 3 users, Episode 2 appears to contain a bug that prevents the game from working.


UPDATE: Telltale Games finally isolated the bug that was affecting Episode 2. A patch that fixes the 'episode switching mechanism' is now live on PSN.

Patch 1.01

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Emilio_Estevez2273d ago

Looks like they should have just pushed it to next weeks update instead.

Nitrowolf22273d ago

I'm having the same exact issue as this guy. Was waiting all day for it to go live only for me not to be able to play it. Hopefully this gets resolved ASAP

TheMrFraz2273d ago

Just what we needed, more fuel for arguments against the PSN...

MySwordIsHeavenly2273d ago

I don't think anyone cares to use it as fuel. I think it's probably just a bug that TellTale missed while making the game. It will be fixed soon.

rwallace2273d ago

Leave it to PSN! J/K

Yeah, I am surprised it passed certification through Sony though and made it this far if it doesn't actually work. Hipefully TellTale is on top of it and has an update inbound for PS3 gamers.

Mr-Dude2273d ago

IS this de US or EU version?

Mr-Dude2273d ago

Okay, thanks!

I wonder when the EU version will be released..

dragonopt12273d ago (Edited 2273d ago )

Seems Xbox users are having trouble as well on Telltales support forum but it's up and running now they patched the game to 1.01 everything is fine now.

cjflora2273d ago

But of course it gets reported as being isolated to PS3...