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Mass Effect 3′s New Endings: The Pros and Cons

Game Rant's Andrew Dyce writes: "The new endings BioWare made for ‘Mass Effect 3′ won’t please everyone, but did a lot of things right. We singled out our favorite changes, and a few questions we’re still asking." (Mass Effect 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Canary  +   1099d ago
The pros: Casual fans happy with ME3 of the series now have more ammunition to dismiss the many legitimate complaints of those who weren't. Casual fans who weren't happy maybe are happy now.

The cons: Too little too late, does nothing to fix a fundamentally broken game, still antithetical to the core themes established in prior games, extra ending little more than a giant "fuck you" to all of the critics.
urwifeminder  +   1099d ago
Still have not played it now its changed i dont think ill bother as its not as it was released 1and 2 were great ill just leave it at that i guess.
Ethereal  +   1099d ago
The new ending are without a doubt better and shed light on what happened. Things were just more fleshed out. Overall, I respect the artistry of the medium and feel that the EC was fitting of the trilogy. Can't wait to see what happens based off my particular ending.
biRdy  +   1099d ago
I have no idea why this ending is seen as making the game broken, sure some people were disappointed in the ending as was I a little. This dose not mean the game is broken or bad, play the game it is great, if your really bitching about the ending even after Bioware did this for them, you just need to shut up and move on.
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