Rumor: New PS3 Firmware 4.20 points to a new PS3 model

Some minor changes in the latest PS3 Firmware 4.20 points to a new PS3 model, perhaps a PS3 Super Slim?

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Dante1121668d ago

Great, my cousin is looking to buying a PS3 after seeing The Last of Us footage at E3.

Solid_Snake371668d ago

Maybe Sony will also upgrade the outdated wifi adapter. 802.11g is really slow.

EeJLP-1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Fyi, there is no Slim, so a new model won't be a SuperSlim and mewhy below and others, you don't own a Slim.

You own a regular/normal as opposed to a fat/phat.

The original model was a PLAYSTATION 3.
Current is a PlayStation 3.
It's specifically not marketed as a Slim or "PSThree".

xursz1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

I'm not kidding, my cousin is in the exact same boat. He currently only owns a 360 that he plays with his kids.

Basjohn1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

802.11g is actually fast. What it isn't is reliable, but no wifi spec is because signal simply does not carry through solid walls or past electronics well.

(I hear you guys in the USA use drywall/wood though so things shouldn't be too bad on that front)

With 802.11g you're getting 54Mbs. You may have fast internet but unless your connection is faster than 54Mbs then moving to N is pointless for anything more than a marginal signal boost.

Also having your PS3 or Wifi adapter anywhere near a microwave will ruin your signal unless you are on 802.11a which is pretty bad for numerous other reasons.

tl;dr: 802.11n is nice but as a single consumer it's not yet a very fruitful shift.

nukeitall1667d ago


With 802.11g, your theoretical speed is around 54mbps, but reality is that you get closer to around half, which is around 27mpbs and that is pretty much at ideal practical conditions. The unfortunate thing is 802.11g runs on 2.4GHz, which wireless phones, microwaves and a host of other devices tend to interfere with. 2.4GHz is open so a lot of devices uses it, so it is very crowded.

I experience interference from my neighbors because they all use 802.11g.

Moving to 802.11n will help significantly due to fewer people using it, unfortunately the signal won't go as far..

So having n would be nice, and you will likely experience less packet loss or lag spikes as a result of missed packets wireless due to wifi noise.

The Xbox 360 S has 802.11n built in, so I think getting an upgrade on the PS3 slim would be nice. However, don't make the new model slimmer, make it smaller! The darn thing can barely stand on it's side.

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Maddens Raiders1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Day one. I'm always looking for ways to lighten the load in my Swiss Gear backpack.

mewhy321668d ago

Already have a slim. Not interested.

kreate1668d ago


but its not a super slim?

Lookbehind1667d ago

And another thing you kept reading:)............

DarkHeroZX1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

If true maybe the new ps3 model would be more vita friendly and make streaming data from remote play faster and more efficient. Then we can play games and access all our data lag free. This would also allow for ps3+vita bundles which would increase the sales for both allowing developers to take more risk and implement the same kind of features the wii u is going with.

Shoot if Sony does unlock that last SPE on the cell for deb's to use it should got to ps3+vita connectivity.

stuna11668d ago

I mentioned something about sony unlocked the last spe, and it seemed like such a far fetched idea! talk about critics shee'sh.

DarkHeroZX1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )


I saw that but I only disagreed (i gave you an agree though cause sony should unlock it) because you where talking about using it for visuals. I think it'd only be good for adding extra features like PS vita connectivity and if they can bring the OS memory foot print down cross chat or even a new interface.

YoungKingDoran1668d ago

lol i saw that comment too.
i didnt disagree, but i didnt know the ps3 still had locked ... stuff

LiamIRL821668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

So Sony change the term "Eject Disc" to "Remove Disc" & this means a new model, that's a bit far fecthed. A newer model is probably on the way. Jesus I hate Google Translate

Mr_Bun1668d ago

*about to click link then noticed 'google.translate...'*


torchic1668d ago

I did the exact same thing lmfao

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Petro1668d ago

So you like reading German pages rather than something that at least somewhat resembles English? Anyway, new PlayStation 3 model is on the way for sure. Sony didn't even call that new PlayStation 3 a slim model, it was us who called it PlayStation 3 slim.

LiamIRL821668d ago

I wouldn't even call it english, someone retarded like the Kardashians would probably understand it.

Wizziokid1668d ago

I don't think we will see another PS3 model it just wouldn't be worth it with the next gen system potentialy being announced within the next two years.

CGI-Quality1668d ago

Eh, the slimmest PS2 models were released just prior to the PS3 releasing. A slimmer PS3 isn't out of the question based on current time.

However, I do feel the PS3 is slim enough. I think more colors should be offered to the US, but outside of that, not much needs altering.

skrug1668d ago

slimming down means cost savings for them and possibly for the consumers via price drop...

morkendo231668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

if a SUPER SLIM ps3 comes out that mean sony found away to slim down the bluray drive and power supply box, miniturize the fans,heatsink.

I doubt this so-call super slim ps3 would downsize to SLIM PS2 size.

skrug1667d ago

They could take out the power supply unit like the later PS2 slims

C0MPUT3R1668d ago

A smaller cheaper PS3 makes sense to me.
2006 Fat $599
2009 Slim $299
2012 Slimmer $199

himdeel1668d ago

2006 Fat $599
2009 Slim $299
2012 Slimmer $199
2014 Malnourished $99
2016 Wasting $1

ApolloAdams1668d ago

I hope it comes with wireless N capability so I can take advantage of higher speeds and my other devices don't have to slow down to use G.

SuperStrokey11231668d ago

Why dont you just let your router use N for those items that use N?

dboyman1668d ago

Its probably due to that although may be connected via N, you will get G speeds because it has to be compatible with the speed of all the other devices on your network. That's why WiFi slows down down for everything else...