GamerZines: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (PS Vita) review

GamerZines writes: "So it's not HD, it's missing a few extras, and the omission of Peace Walker is likely to stick in craws of many a fan but it's hard to argue that what remains isn't worth the asking price. For those looking to take their gaming on the go or even get back into the series, the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is an essential portable companion."

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MySwordIsHeavenly2120d ago

It's not HD? Why does it look so darn good then?!? :/

CaptCalvin2120d ago

"High Definition" refers to clarity in general. If you think something has good clarity you'd call it HD. I think MGSHD Vita is pretty darn clear, both audio and visual.

MySwordIsHeavenly2120d ago

After reading the review, I'm not entirely sure English is the first language of the author. :/ It is very poorly worded.

Smokingunz2120d ago

I got this game and still haven't opened it yet! And it is in HD! The vita is quarter HD which means the game runs in 580p!! Get it right!

What I find surprising is, if the vita is so powerful, why does mghd have framerate issues as well as blurry textures!!!! Smh.