Check out Kaz Hirai's custom PS3 leaving gift

Not only did Sony throw Kaz a party, but their love stretched to gifting him a custom PS3...

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Snookies121485d ago

Yeah, I'll take one of those...

vividi1485d ago

yeah is not even funny anymore

gaffyh1485d ago

It wasn't even funny when it first became a stupid meme.

torchic1485d ago

lol you N4G folk are soo heartless 0 agrees? he was just trying to be funny :D

SilentNegotiator1485d ago

Then he could have said something funny instead.

Or at least mildly creative. Like..."They gave him a custom ridge racer, too"....or something.

All he did was crap out "Ridge racer!" and nothing else.

Scenarist1485d ago

im loling at the fact.. that everyone took the time to bomb him for not being funny
.thats the way it be ... continue on

KruLLit1485d ago TrollingShow
SilentNegotiator1485d ago

"im loling at the fact.. that everyone took the time to bomb him for not being funny"

Yeah, people took ten seconds to disagree and say that a joke they made wasn't funny.


Guitardr851485d ago

Wow, looks like a lot of people forgot to take their Prozac today...either that or the heat is getting to everyone, lol

SilentNegotiator1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

@scenarist and guitar

Stop pretending like the responses to a lame "joke" were over the top.

One person said the joke wasn't funny, was overused, and old. Another person said it wasn't funny anymore. A third person isn't into old memes. And myself thought he could have at least have been funny with an old meme if he's going to use it (hint: just typing a meme without context....not funny).

No outrage, no incivilities, no over-reactions.

YOU TWO, however, are "loling" at the "massive" effort put into clicking "disagree" and typing a sentence, and making "prozac" jokes.

Who is REALLY over-reacting here?


Like you, I once screamed the ever-so-infamous phrase "Riidge Raacer!!!"....but that only got me an arrow to the knee.

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Persistantthug1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

It would have been funny if they had actually included a copy of RIDGE RACER.


Nimblest-Assassin1485d ago

Here I'll give a crack at some humour

Did he also recieve a 599 US dollar signing bonus?

At the party, did they have Giant enemy crab, and did they let Kaz attack its weakpoint for massive damage?

Also the guy did it wrong... its ridge racer.... RIDGE RACER!

andibandit1484d ago

Guess he can't wait to hook that baby up, and install updates all day

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Skateboard1485d ago

I want a leopard print PS3.

TheLeapist1485d ago (Edited 1485d ago )

Whoa, there are some really awesome skins there. *Proceeds to rub chin hairs*

RXL1485d ago

that's not your chin you sick pervert.

HarryMasonHerpderp1485d ago

That is epic, I love Kaz seems like a nice guy.

Solid_Snake371485d ago

Sony did well in promoting him to CEO imo

r211485d ago

nice looking ps3 but i gotta ask, what the heck's that red thing?

TheGamingArt1485d ago

I was wondering the same thing. I can hardly make it out.

Rage_S901485d ago

It looks like another PS3.

faysal1485d ago

its the power board at the back. they painted it red and made it stick out rather then having it inside. just like a muscle car when they have the engine come out of the bonnet...

fr0sty1484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

Having taken apart many PS3's, there is no "power board" at the back of the unit. There is a small power supply near where the outlet plugs into the system, which is on the back, but it isn't a board (though it has a board in it) and it does not extend across the entire chassis like you see in this pic. It's likely just cosmetic, perhaps made to look like the engine of a car as you suggested.

faysal1484d ago

yh thats what i ment ( power supply unit ) but said power board lol my bad didnt realise it. if you click on the picture it will enlagre it and you clearly see it is the power supply unit :).

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