Wrapping up June for the PS Vita

E3 came and went with a whimper rather than a bang, but Sony acknowledged the blunder and good things beckon for Gamescom. At least E3 came and went, the promised June PS Heaven event has all but evaporated, unless Sony Japan works Saturdays. But, there was still lots of good things to enjoy in the world of the Vita.

Largely on the basis of the wonderful Gravity Daze in the West, offering a fantastic world to inhabit and explore and a game that doesn't rely on endless killing! And Persona in Japan which gave the Vita a much-needed lift. Good things came in small packages too...

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Xof2093d ago

Let's wrap up July, too, while we're at it: NO GAMES.

JoeReno2093d ago

Geez thats funny, June has been a good month for my vita, MGS HD, Gravity Rush, and Lego Batman2 have filled my Vita this month. So Troll elsewhere.

Xof2092d ago

It's not trolling if it's true, genius. The Vita has all of ZERO releases in July. If your twisted mind can somehow contort that fact into a GOOD thing, you, sir, are a -profoundly- deluded fanboy.

JoeReno2092d ago

whatever dude, judging by the amount of peoplr that are ignoring you on this site, and your bubble count leads me to believe that you are the trolling, delusional fanboy.

yes Vita has nothing due to release in July, I know that, but this article is about June. So your comment where you wrote "too" lumping June and July together IS Trolling. June had realeases, July is the start of the summer slump for releases its not just Vita. All platforms have a decrease in the summer months.

Canary2092d ago

N4G is filled with moronic fanboys. Judging someone by their bubble count/ignore list is retarded. If you want to get a sense of a user, examine his or her posting history.

Xof is anything but a troll. He/she is one of the handful of sensible users here, if a bit abrasive.

The simple fact of the matter is that the Playstation Vita doesn't have any games being released this July. This is not an opinion that can be agreed with or disagreed with, it is a fact. Objective reality.

If you think you can "disagree" with a factual statement, you are in a statement or delusion. This is how reality works.

JoeReno2092d ago

Canary = Xof second account. hahaha

Protagonist2093d ago

Just bought Gravity Rush ;D

JoeReno2092d ago

GR is a really good game. I havent finished it either, but enjoying it to pieces.

GuruStarr782092d ago

Love Gravity Rush!!

Just Platinumed the main game and can't wait to get down to the dlc missions!!

smashcrashbash2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

@ Canary. One thing worst then a troll is the person jumping to defend the troll who is obviously trolling. Xof is off topic whether he is right or wrong or indifferent or what ever he is. If I was on a article about what games are for Kinect in June and realized that their were no games for it in July and said 'But no games in July though' I would have a hundred disagrees and sited for either trolling or being off topic. The problem is not if he is using facts or right or wrong. He is off topic.By that logic why not wrap up August, September, October and November too? Heck why not Christmas 2013?

JoeReno2092d ago

well said +1, and thank you for expressing what i did not, or not very well at least.

psp2roundup2092d ago

I see a couple of games in July,

Jet Set Radio    Sega
Urban Trials  Sony

But with the recent sale, I need the time to play through all my June titles...