First PSN Summer Sale 2012 info – 30% off for regular users, 50% off for Plus members

Take a look at the game selection for this year's PSN Summer Sale and information about other discounts starting next week.

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FlyWestbrook2155d ago

Renegade Ops

Will buy

Crazyglues2154d ago

Shadow of the Colossus....

A Must buy

ABizzel12154d ago

It says first PSN summer sale, but I could have sworn they did a summer sale before?

Anywho, pretty much every game on the list is a great buy especially at 30% or 50% off. If you missed out on the following games I recommend you buy them now, you won't be disappointed.

Pac Man DX CE, NBA Jam, House of the Dead 3 (if you like it), Crysis,
Closure, Shadow of the Colossus HD, Infamous: Festival of Blood, Killzone 3 multiplayer (the whole game should be cheap by now), Renegade Ops, Catherine ($20), and Trine 2 ($7.49)

Droplitz ($5),

Rock of Ages ($5), pretty much bowling meets Monkey Ball. You roll the boulder down a huge hill filled with obstacles and things to crush, while maintaing momentum to knock down gates to progress to the next level. It's more fun than it sounds, but not for everyone.

Magic Orbs

IaMs122154d ago

I think they meant it as the first sale for the summer, not the first sale ever...

pixelsword2154d ago

Yeah, but if you have plus and get the 50% discount, will you still "own" the game if you stopped getting plus?

I'm serious here. I don't actually know.

MerkinMax2154d ago

I was wondering the same thing.

Soldierone2154d ago

Yes. If you BUY a game, even at discount, you keep it.

If it was FREE, then no.....

ginsunuva2154d ago

Anything you pay for you keep. Anything that's 100% free from Plus is taken away. Except avatars and little stuff like that I think.

ReservoirDog3162154d ago

Yeah if you pay anything for it, it's yours permanently. Even at a discount.

Anyone know what's gonna happen with all the stuff we buy on PSN/XBLA when the PS4/720 come out by the way?

Never thought of it before.

doogiebear2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

Yes the games u PAY for (even if on discount) you keep forever. I know because before I got the year subscription, I had the 3 month one, and when it expired, I got to keep the ones I paid money towards. The ones that were entirely "free" are the ones that stop working. U will know because it doesnt make u agree to the PS plus terms and conditions when u pay any amount of cash on the psn store. Only the free games ask u to agree with each download.

Also, when I check the expiration date of the free games, it shows when I need to renew membership. However when I check date of a game I PAID for (even of it was at a huge discount due to PS+), it shows NO expiration date nor a PS plus symbol when checking information/properties because once you pay even one penny for a game, u own it. It is just an awesome deal.

Also u can keep all PS minis and avatars and themes even if subscription expires. But ps3 and ps1 (and ps2 if they ever give those away) games will lock up and stop working.

dantesparda2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

i dont think you can keep the minis, cuz if i remember right, i couldnt play them when my sub ended.

Trebius512154d ago

they worked way too hard on the playstation network and home for it all not to transfer over to ps4.

i donno about xbox tho.

dc12154d ago

In short . If you pay one red cent for it, its yours for life (Whether on plus or not).

PSN Plus is great.

Cosmo8112154d ago

Yes. Discounted games are yours to keep, freebies are the ones you don't get to keep if your subscription ends.

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doogiebear2154d ago

I wish north America could get Darkstalkers as a discount. Europe got it free last month and I wish we could have gotten it (even of at discount).

Also, does anyone know what the 3 "FREE" games of July will be yet?

dantesparda2154d ago

Dont worry to much about it cuz it'll probably eventually come out in the US plus

Kurt Russell2154d ago

Shadow of the Colossus...

I've never played the game, but people on here seem to go bat shit mental for it, so that will be the one I purchase!

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Neo Nugget2155d ago

If you don't have Shadow of the Colossus yet, I'm willing to forgive you if you buy it as part of this sale.

cpayne932155d ago

I'm glad I'll have your forgiveness, I'll be getting crysis and shadow of the colossus for the price of one of them!

koston36472155d ago

will do, thanks for being so reasonable Nug...

Mr_Kuwabara2154d ago

Had SotC day one, on PS2. Way ahead of ya buddy.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

honestly, if you don't have shadow of the colossus OR a ps3, it would be more than worth it to go buy a ps2 and a copy of sotc which would all be around 60$ which is the price of a new game nowadays anyway, and after that you would have a ps2 that you could play jak, ratchet and clank, okami, re4, ico, sly, god of war, and other games for ridiculously low prices on anyways, so sounds like a great deal to me

a08andan2154d ago

I bought the HD-collection but havent really got around to play it yet, so am I half-forgiven? :D I like to support games with an actual depth :P

BabyTownFrolics2154d ago

with the discount how much will it cost? I am definitely picking that up.

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Theo11302155d ago

Nice to see sony spread the love, I mostly play on pc, but it's nice to see this kind of thing on consoles.

soundslike2155d ago

Yep, I'm loving this ongoing trend of them chasing after Steams model.

Soldierone2155d ago

Is it actually 50 percent off? Last time it said 50 percent off, and some of the prices weren't....then again it probably said "up to"....

I might buy Festival of Blood, but other than that I either already scored the game due to an earlier sale, or dont want it.

Rage_S902154d ago

If you want a further discount you should PM Cgoodno(Admin), he can get you some codes.

sashimi2154d ago

I own quite a few of those and got some from psn plus for free but def will buy Catherine :)

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