Watch Dogs ARG Accidentally Gives Users a Reason to Worry About Their Real World Privacy

Kotaku: "The footage we saw at and after E3 has led into an ARG centering on the fictional art gallery owner Joseph Demarco and his gallery, dotconnexion. Today, the dotconnexion team announced the untimely "yet unexplained" demise of Mr. Demarco to everyone who had signed up to follow them. But when they did so, they gave participants a whole new reason to be paranoid."

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ATi_Elite1850d ago

If you live in America you have no privacy!

Cell phones, PC's, Credit Cards, and vehicles are tracked, tapped, and ripped of data at will.

The digital age has made it really easy to spy on someone.

Conzul1849d ago

However, Watch Dogs can only be a good thing, if it gets people paranoid and worried. They should be.

FinaLXiii1849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

i guess the best thing to do is not worry about it.

But in the game you do you worry about it this might be a great concept for marketing lol

yewles11850d ago

Nice screw up, Ubisoft...

ginsunuva1849d ago

What if they did that on purpose just to teach us a lesson about digital privacy: Never give your real email!

That would be hilarious

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