The Fall of Street Fighter X Tekken and Why This Capcom Fighter Is Not Getting Much Praise

Super Street Fighter IV AE has succeeded. Marvel vs. Capcom 3 has succeeded. Why isn't Capcom's latest venture into the fighting world not getting the same following as the others? Read why Street Fighter x Tekken is quickly falling into the abyss of forgotten games.

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Snookies122240d ago (Edited 2240d ago )

Maybe because Capcom keeps screwing people over? I think that's the biggest issue here lol.

zeal0us2240d ago

Yep a good amount of consumers finally realize what on-disc dlc is and tired of their bs.

Yi-Long2239d ago

... and they're tired of Capcom's greed!

It will be hard for Capcom from now on to sell their games on day 1 for full-price, now that everyone knows they'll just be getting an incomplete game, and Capcom will nickel-and-dime them for the rest.

Knushwood Butt2239d ago

Yeah, Asura's Wrath was half a game too.

It bombed.

garos822238d ago

i would like to take this time to congratulate myself!
i was so looking forward to this game and by not buying this i have kind of surprised myself.

i didnt expect this game not to sell well but im glad that im not the only one not buying it

OneAboveAll2240d ago

What Snookies12 said. That and people never asked for this. We want SFvsMK damnit!

Neoprime2239d ago

I would prefer another Capcom vs SNK/SNK vs Capcom, or add more characters(the last 8 or 12) for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, or just a Marvel only fighting game, or updated Capcom Fighting Jam.

Capcom could bring some of their old franchises that were never localized like Red Earth/Warzard, Powered Gear, Aliens vs Predator(Arcade), Street Fighter the Movie arcade, Sengoku Basara-X, and many more to PSN/Live/Steam/Virtual Console.

dboyman2232d ago

DC vs Marvel VS Mortal Kombat vs Capcom

Skateboard2239d ago (Edited 2239d ago )

This song is the perfect message to send to Capcom.

2239d ago
LiamIRL822239d ago

Let's not attack the game itself, the game is genuinely fantastic and a great fighter. Capcom tried to milk the game and it has backfired bigtime.

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The story is too old to be commented.