Did FF13 Have it Right All Along?

"Ever since its release in December 2009, Final Fantasy has been the go-to game when talking about poor gameplay design—it greatly divulges from the other games in its series and took out some key elements that made the series so successful. Exploration and world building are down-played in favor of continuous battle and frequent cutscenes. However, if you look around at other games that don’t belong to a long line of successful games, you’ll see that very similar games were acclaimed as art and went on to become successful. Yes, I’m talking about Heavy Rain." |

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Vortex3D1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

I like FF XIII because of its linear structure and plays like an anime. Other games including XIII-2 call themselves non-linear but really you are still required to solve certain puzzles or find something before you can continue. The only difference is you can travel to different locations to do your tasks a little here and there. Eventually, you still need to complete each task on each location before you are allowed to progress in the story. It's just an illusion that it's not linear.

Canary1908d ago

...Please tell me you're kidding.

blitz06231908d ago

You don't know what linear means do you?

egidem1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

Like he said, it's an illusion...

...that happens to only fool him , apparently.

xursz1908d ago

I actually liked FF XIII and XIII-2. I won't argue with anyone who is disappointed because I can see why. I just feel like they're both great games to their own right, just not the most stellar Final Fantasy titles.

And with so many FFs, it's impossible for fans to agree which is the "best". It's to a point where any new FF will be perceived as "worse" unless they get a 10 year development cycle (Versus XIII, anyone?).

BitbyDeath1908d ago

Well in that frame of mindset you could consider anything to be linear. Even life has a beginning and an end with certain milestones along the way.

All games will have a story to tell otherwise what'd be the point in playing them?

Games that are considered non-linear do let you go on side quests which you could not get to in a linear title.

Moby-Royale1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

You ARE the one percent. Jp :P

I will admit that XIII-2 was, in my opinion obviously, leaps and bounds better than XIII. Couldn't make it all of the way through *either of them though.

Kratoscar20081908d ago

I dont want more games like FFXIII, that tries to be an anime than a game, Heavy Rain worked because had a plot that wasnt a mess like the one in FFXIII.

This kind of inmmersion sucks, its just like seeing a movie i dont inmmerse in it at all, just let me play and to hell to cutscenes.

Bobby Kotex1908d ago

Heavy Rain? Seriously WTF is he talking about? FFXIII had some of the worst characters I've ever seen in a video game. It was also boring and repetitive. People put way too much weight on the linearity.

Skateboard1908d ago

The characters sucked balls, bubble.

Kratoscar20081908d ago

Lightning takes the cake as the worst FF MC EVER, and her sister is a close second, Well said.

wishingW3L1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

I just read the piece and I feel dumber. I mean, how can she not see how different all those games are design wise? Seriously, it blows my mind the way she compares all those games just because they have cut-scenes... I mean, what is going on?

There is so much wrong on that piece that it would take a monumental wall of text to rectify it because it's all broken from the very beginning. And how come I can see such a low quality article even with the filter "on"?

EverydayGuy1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

They are both different genres. FF 13 I like the battle system, but the character development and story line was the worst thing to happen in the RPG. The dialogue was crap, the characters weren't memorable nor was the story line. The summons were useless. Pulse was a disappointment, for a place that look big as the Earth, there was no native tribes living on it, what's up with that.

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