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Submitted by sarydactl 1324d ago | opinion piece

Did FF13 Have it Right All Along?

"Ever since its release in December 2009, Final Fantasy has been the go-to game when talking about poor gameplay design—it greatly divulges from the other games in its series and took out some key elements that made the series so successful. Exploration and world building are down-played in favor of continuous battle and frequent cutscenes. However, if you look around at other games that don’t belong to a long line of successful games, you’ll see that very similar games were acclaimed as art and went on to become successful. Yes, I’m talking about Heavy Rain." | (Fahrenheit, Final Fantasy XIII, Heavy Rain , Indigo Prophecy, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

Vortex3D  +   1324d ago
I like FF XIII because of its linear structure and plays like an anime. Other games including XIII-2 call themselves non-linear but really you are still required to solve certain puzzles or find something before you can continue. The only difference is you can travel to different locations to do your tasks a little here and there. Eventually, you still need to complete each task on each location before you are allowed to progress in the story. It's just an illusion that it's not linear.
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Canary  +   1324d ago
...Please tell me you're kidding.
blitz0623  +   1324d ago
You don't know what linear means do you?
egidem  +   1324d ago
Like he said, it's an illusion...

...that happens to only fool him , apparently.
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xursz  +   1324d ago
I actually liked FF XIII and XIII-2. I won't argue with anyone who is disappointed because I can see why. I just feel like they're both great games to their own right, just not the most stellar Final Fantasy titles.

And with so many FFs, it's impossible for fans to agree which is the "best". It's to a point where any new FF will be perceived as "worse" unless they get a 10 year development cycle (Versus XIII, anyone?).
BitbyDeath  +   1324d ago
Well in that frame of mindset you could consider anything to be linear. Even life has a beginning and an end with certain milestones along the way.

All games will have a story to tell otherwise what'd be the point in playing them?

Games that are considered non-linear do let you go on side quests which you could not get to in a linear title.
Moby-Royale  +   1324d ago
You ARE the one percent. Jp :P

I will admit that XIII-2 was, in my opinion obviously, leaps and bounds better than XIII. Couldn't make it all of the way through *either of them though.
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Kratoscar2008  +   1324d ago
I dont want more games like FFXIII, that tries to be an anime than a game, Heavy Rain worked because had a plot that wasnt a mess like the one in FFXIII.

This kind of inmmersion sucks, its just like seeing a movie i dont inmmerse in it at all, just let me play and to hell to cutscenes.
Bobby Kotex  +   1324d ago
Heavy Rain? Seriously WTF is he talking about? FFXIII had some of the worst characters I've ever seen in a video game. It was also boring and repetitive. People put way too much weight on the linearity.
Skateboard  +   1324d ago
The characters sucked balls, bubble.
Kratoscar2008  +   1324d ago
Lightning takes the cake as the worst FF MC EVER, and her sister is a close second, Well said.
wishingW3L  +   1324d ago
I just read the piece and I feel dumber. I mean, how can she not see how different all those games are design wise? Seriously, it blows my mind the way she compares all those games just because they have cut-scenes... I mean, what is going on?

There is so much wrong on that piece that it would take a monumental wall of text to rectify it because it's all broken from the very beginning. And how come I can see such a low quality article even with the filter "on"?
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EverydayGuy  +   1324d ago
They are both different genres. FF 13 I like the battle system, but the character development and story line was the worst thing to happen in the RPG. The dialogue was crap, the characters weren't memorable nor was the story line. The summons were useless. Pulse was a disappointment, for a place that look big as the Earth, there was no native tribes living on it, what's up with that.
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VsAssassin  +   1324d ago
FFXIII was, simply put, a game failure. Wait, I didn't say a commercial failure, mind you. SE got it all wrong when they thought an FF game could borrow heavily on, say, a fast-paced game like CoD.

You see CoD is linear in which when you're done with a chapter, most of the places in that chapter will be inaccessible in the remaining parts of the game.

SE, on the other hand, thouht having a fast-paced game could easily translate to literal linearity. Anyway, at least in CoD, and most FPS games, you can replay chapters. In FFXIII, not so much.
Kratoscar2008  +   1324d ago
While would you want to replay FFXIII?
This is the only good point i found in XIII, so there wasnt any reason to go back to this shitty game.
Summons75  +   1324d ago
More crying about FF13? Just because people who didn't like it couldn't comprehend the story or have patients enough to play it dose not make the game bad. The game was great, characters were fine (besides Hope), gameplay was no different from any other final fantasy (just more sped up and made you think a bit more strategically) and it not only sold really well but got great reviews. I guess you can't expect much from the people on the internet hate train who have never actually played the game before...this is why I weep for the future of gaming, idiots complain over things they don't understand (IE: focus on story) or things they have never played and then it spreds like aids to other games. You don't like a story driven game then go back to call of duty and stop ruining other games.
morganfell  +   1324d ago
Well said.
Shikoro  +   1324d ago
I agree. Haters can suck it. :)
rataranian  +   1324d ago
Played it. Finished it. Comprehended the story. ...And I still hate it. The characters sucked. The story sucked. And the game as a whole sucked. While playing through it I just didn't give a fuck about anyone in it or where it was going. It was not anywhere close to being as good as any of the other FF games, yet was so hyped and praised by SE that it should have blown everyone away. It didn't. Sales mean shit to me. Reviews mean shit to me. And that is why people don't like it. I also don't play cod. I'll give you an example of a GOOD rpg... Chrono Trigger.
elda  +   1324d ago said what I've always thought about FF-XIII & peoples hate on the game,well said!!
LightofDarkness  +   1324d ago
I played it through and was quite disappointed with it. As a numbered entry in the Final Fantasy series, it simply did not deliver. If you enjoyed it, that's fine (although I do have to question your tastes), but don't look me in the eye and tell me it was a good Final Fantasy game.

More to that, defending it simply gives the impression that you're OK with the route the series is taking, which is exactly what people have done since FF X (yes, very little separates X and XIII). FFXIII is the result of the vapid hatred of XII and the bewildering salivation that accompanies the mention of X.

What I REALLY don't understand is how people can be so hyper-critical of XIII, and in the same breath, proclaim FFX to be the best in the series. That does not sense make.

But more to that, there's a difference between a story driven game and an interactive novel/movie, and this "game" very much teeters on the edge of that line. If it weren't for the Gran Pulse area, this game could arguably be dismissed as a non-game. FF games have always been somewhat linear, but they at least had exploration, side-quests and "missables."

If you want an example of JRPGs moving ahead in the right direction, look at the Tales series. Very story driven, but still packed with REAMS of gameplay and content that actually engages the PLAYER, not the VIEWER. Isn't that what games are supposed to be about?
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Son_Lee  +   1324d ago
Final Fantasy XIII was nothing short of amazing. Its sequel, however, was a huge step back.

Yes, I'm serious. Get over it.
Killman  +   1324d ago
They both were quite terrible for FF standards. Seriously, the ending of XIII-2 pissed me off so much. Oh, thanks Square Enix for making the story that I was trying to follow this whole time completely meaningless.
Son_Lee  +   1324d ago
I do agree about the ending to FFXIII-2. I hated that game overall. Square doesn't have the same talent they used to, that's for sure.
madjedi  +   1323d ago
ff13 was nothing short of amazing? Clearly you haven't played older ff games.

13 was subpar for a ff game, any experienced ff gamer would know that at least, i would rather play the chick ff than 13.

Then only thing i liked about 13 was the class system.

If se doesn't show something at tgs for versus, they can keep it till next gen, a new kingdom hearts would be nice but considering versus is essentially vaporware atm. I won't be holding my breath.

And lighting is the most unlikeable ff character i have ever played.
Son_Lee  +   1323d ago
I haven't played other FF games just because I loved FFXIII?

I'll have you know I've played every FF game, starting with the original. I first played the series when I was two years old. FFVII remains my favorite, followed by FFX and FFVIII. I have huge knowledge of the series and I am sad that it has gone into a decline, mainly because SE is run by idiots.

So, please hold your ignorance; just because I like a title in the series most people hated does NOT mean I haven't played the others.

Nothing compares to the older FFs, but I still thought FFXIII was an excellent title.

And there is no way Lightning is more unlikable than most of the cast from FFXII.
madjedi  +   1322d ago
ff13 wasn't excellent by any means you may have liked it, but it wasn't up to par for a final fantasy, the older ff's blow it out of the water.

Your opinion ff13 was excellent, my opinion you have a low standard for the term excellent, decent or average fine but excellent not hardly.

Sorry every other cast member in 13 was more likeable as a person than lightning, she is just a rude, unlikeable arrogant bitch throught most of the game.

I started ff on the nes too, still not impressed by 13, maybe versus will bring back the magic because ff looks like a dying brand.
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Qrphe  +   1324d ago
Most people who talk about FFXIII didn't even play it. And those who tried playing it stopped playing when they found themselves disappointed by the lack of "breaks" (exploration, side quests, ex) that the others offered (which is a very fair argument).

I was bored myself and disappointed, however I'm glad I kept playing till the end.

Every main FF title is supposed to be different from the other ones anyway; I remember how bashed XII was for its combat and non-linearity.

inb4 someone who actually played the game and didn't like it
JeepGamer  +   1324d ago
I've often said that while the long straight 'dungeons' of FF13 were a bit silly, would it really have been significantly improved by twisting them in the pretzels and adding some dead ends?

Also the vast explorable world thing does make me wonder too. Going back as far as Dragon Warrior, yes, there was a vast explorable world... With nothing but random monster encounters in it and no real reason to go back through areas you'd already gone through.
jsslifelike  +   1324d ago
Shouldn't it read, "it greatly DIVERGES from the other games in its series"?
wahn0004  +   1324d ago
Yes! That line really bugged me to the point that I almost stopped reading. Then he compared FFXIII to Heavy Rain and I DID stop reading...

Why does crap like this get published as "articles" when they're really just opinions that belong in a forum?
Rock_On_PS4  +   1324d ago
FFXIII and its whiny emo characters, linear game play, mediocre story line and its boring repetitive auto battle system game play.

Excellent graphics and 40 hours of CGI cut scenes were band aids to cover up a mediocre game.
madjedi  +   1323d ago
"FFXIII and its whiny emo characters" Versus the big muscled up bald guys in most games with little or no personality and zero emotion. "linear game play" It is a rpg dumbass, like many other genres(fps, tps hack and slash ect) not typically an open world game.

"40 hours of CGI cut scenes" Do you people that bash games ever play them or that genre before you speak. It's a jrpg especially more so it's final fantasy, lengthy and or numerous cutscenes has been a staple of the series since part 7.

Sounds like the same type of gamer that bashed mgs4 mercilessly for it's long cutscenes. This is not a western developed game, eastern devs do it differently than games in the west.
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MRMagoo123  +   1323d ago
I have a feeling the game was so shit because they tried to make it FOR the western market the battle system was just balls bit hairy stinking balls.
goldwyncq  +   1324d ago
The story was actually great but just badly executed. You know something's wrong with the story if grasping it requires reading most of the datalog.
elda  +   1324d ago
I loved FF-XIII,XIII-2 was just ok.
Omnislash  +   1323d ago
Compared to other REAL FF games. No FF13 is like a D- as far as being a Final Fantasy game.
-Redundant characters
-mediocre summons
-way too easy fight system
-too linear and literally a linear game
-no towns and therefore no breaks which make you play less.
-no real customization
-too many repeat enemies

The only good thing about the game is that it looked pretty.
MRMagoo123  +   1323d ago
my favorite thing about ff13 was that it ended
Omnislash  +   1323d ago
lol SE should have ended it at 13, when they announced 13-2 Im like why?? WHYYY????!!

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