Activision Has No Plans of Cancelling Prototype 2 PC Version

Activision has no plans to cancel the PC version of Prototype 2, despite the unfortunate of Radical Entertainment.

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aviator1892152d ago

That's good news, but I wonder if the shuttered studio will still get money from the pc version...

ATi_Elite2151d ago

What money? No one is interested in Prototype 2!

The first one was mediocre and this one is just a crappy console port.

I suggest they make some great mod outta Prototype 2 then maybe they will garner sales and get back into the business as an Indie dev!

Getting released from Activision is a blessing cause now they are free to create.

Mariusmssj2151d ago

I will buy Prototype 2 with pleasure!

Skate-AK2152d ago

Man just like Bizzare Creations. Their game drops then Activision dumps the studio.

Psychotica2152d ago

Hope it doesn't need a patch now that there isn't anybody to create it

dazzrazz2152d ago

100% it will, I can't think of not even one game released in last couple of years that did not needed patch after release date

Basjohn2151d ago

While you're right for the most part I think the major hope is "NEED". The real fear arn't common bugs but anything game/progression breaking and that's what we need to be worried about.

On the plus side, many games have gotten community patches over the years so if worst comes to worst we'll wait on that miracle.

Reborn2151d ago

Of course not. They put money into developing it. If they wish to have a chance of getting any of it back (we all know what Bobbys like) they'll continue with it.

A shame the studio had to close, jobs lost. However, soon all Activision will have is Blizzard, and COD studios. (if they don't already o.o)