Konami Explains Why Mirror of Fate Isn't On Vita

PlanetPlaystation: "With the Vita in dire need of core titles, you’d think Sony would jump at the chance to pursue Konami’s Dave Cox and his team for a Vita exclusive. However, Cox told us that the platform simply wasn’t as appealing as the 3DS"

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CrzyFooL2238d ago

I disagree. I think Mirror of Fate would be amazing on Vita and I really don't care much for the 3D - I'm all for better visuals and controls when it comes to Castlevania.

Sandwich Bender2238d ago

As much as I dislike crazy fools, Mirror of Fate does feel more like a Vita title. 3D is cool and all, but for Castlevania? I don't know.

bitboi2238d ago

2d games in 3d are great, there's more depth of field and the worlds appear larger than they actually are. You play any 2d game in 3d on the 3ds and the effect is like night and day.

Hisiru2238d ago (Edited 2238d ago )

I will love to play it on my 3DS. I can't wait for this game, Professor Layton and Luigi's mansion!

As for the Vita: It's probably because the hardware sales are slow and third party sales are also very bad at the moment (most of the third party games sold around 100k and only Fifa managed to sell more than 150k).

Also, there are 3 AMAZING Castlevania games on DS and it looks like it has a lot of exploration (just like the DS games), so they are making this for the DS/3DS audience.

Haha1232238d ago

17 million install base vs 2 million hmm which one to go for....

rezzah2238d ago

I wouldn`t mind a port.

I want that Story!!

UltraVegito2238d ago

Well that bout sums up anything i was gonna say.

pedrami912238d ago

And yet the PSP got Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles remake:

They might as well come out an say "the Vita ain't doing so hot right now, so we opted for the for the more popular hardware" instead of feeding us horse dooky.

GribbleGrunger2238d ago

absolutely. it appears that developers want the industry driven for them now and have forgotten that they are the people that are supposed to drive it

ceedubya92238d ago

Pretty much. They'd be all over porting this to the Vita if the console was doing better at retail.

ronin4life2238d ago

Psp got a remake. The ds got 3 original games.
The market is there on the 3ds both in consoles sold and in fan precedence. It isn't on the vita.

stragomccloud2238d ago

And the gameboy advance before that also got 3 original games. The most popular of them getting a sequel on the DS.

ozstar2238d ago

You're also splitting your user base.

Ultimately i think Capcom's efforts on 3DS have shown the way for these other third-parties (i mean the ones who haven't gone insane for App Gaming).

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Blastoise2238d ago

As someone who doesnt own a Vita but owns a 3DS...I think mirror of fate looks really underwhelming..

Skateboard2238d ago

Yeah, it looks like a PSone game.

Blastoise2238d ago

Lol I wouldnt go that far...
Just not a fan of the 2.5D thing, and it looks a bit...cartoony. Not as dark or gothic as the older ones.

bitboi2238d ago

and that hurts the game how? I've played all the DS castlevania games and they all looked like snes games. That didn't stop them from being great.

Hisiru2238d ago

I almost gave you a disagree because the DS games aren't great, they are AMAZING! Order of Ecclesia is (imo) the best castlevania game ever (and yes, it has snes graphics, I coud care less about that).

Skateboard2238d ago

I didn't mean my comment in a bad way. He said it looked "unimpressive", I thought he meant the graphics.

I don't care about bad graphics as long there is meat to the gameplay.

stragomccloud2238d ago

I agree. Order of Ecclesia, I thought, was the best Castlevania game to date!

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DivineAssault 2238d ago

We cant judge the game just yet.. It might be the 2nd game other than revelations thats worth buying on the 3ds.. I think its doing the whole "TEEN" rated thing tho.. I like castlevania bloody & evil as SOTN.. The ds versions were awesome games but lacked the fluidity & pixel squirting gore that the PS1 version had.. I hope its good but im not holding my breath for mercury steam on this one.. LOS2 i definitely will keep an eye on

Hicken2238d ago

Cop-out, pure and simple.

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