Kotaku: I like the Wii U. I like it a lot.

Kotaku's Stephen Totilo on why he likes Nintendo's new home console.

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linkratos2155d ago

Positive story...nothing to see here, move along!

Hisiru2155d ago Show
live2play2155d ago

negative story
gets 84 comments. 80% trolling

positive story

BitbyDeath2155d ago

Sadly that sort of thing happens for everything.

Imagine if the news only showed what good happened in the world, they'd have pretty much no viewers left.

Negativity gives people a conversation piece, but hey there is always the saying any publicity is good publicity.

live2play2155d ago

no i am not saying there shouldnt be any negative story

what i dont like is the bias

Apex132155d ago

I see what you did thee,and I like.

WeskerChildReborned2155d ago

It look's cool to me. I just like how innovative Nintendo is cause they went from controllers to motion gaming and now to touch screen motion and controller gaming.

AO1JMM2155d ago

Another Nintendo hater thread in the making.

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