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In defense of Nintendo's Circle Pad Pro XL

People aren't happy with Nintendo announcing a Circle Pad Pro XL for the 3DS XL. Some say they are "cashing in" on consumer ignorance.

But there is a very good reason why they aren't building the Circle Pad Pro into the 3DS XL. That's because the Circle Pad Pro is more than just an extra Circle Pad, it gives the 3DS four shoulder buttons for console-like gameplay while destroying the unit's portability.

This is the reason why the 3DS XL doesn't include the Circle Pad Pro.

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Community1939d ago
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StraightPath1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Have people seen the ps3 trigger attachments? Lol to make them like xbox ones. Again optional just like the circle pad its a accesory. If nintendo did make one with the extra circle pad u know how badly it will divide the install base n how developers create games for it? Adding a second nub is a terrible idea it dnt even need to though. One or two games have it as optional control method. Stylus is fine just like the original.

dark-hollow1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

wow did people really didn't expect that?
why in the hell would put second analog into the 3ds xl?

not doubting it added Functionality but adding a second analog to the new model would divide the crowds as developer would feel more Forced to built their games around the second analog control scheme which will make the gameplay an undesirable experience for the 17 million original 3ds owners.

instead of trying to emulate the second analog with R L triggers for camera or touchscreen developers should work with the control scheme that they have without the need to get worried about what buttons the 3ds is missing.

saying that the 3ds wouldn't benefit from a second analog stick is pure fanboy talk but now Nintendo choose to go without it and its too late for that to change and second analog will always stays as an optional method of playing for the 3ds.

bwazy1938d ago

They could have gave everyone a free analog stick thingy, or made the games both playable with or without second analog functionality.

AWBrawler1939d ago

Stylus aiming beats nub aiming any day!

cpayne931938d ago

In some cases I agree but holding the stylus takes your hands away from the buttons, so for something like monster hunter I would rather go dual analog.

AWBrawler1938d ago

agreeable, but i meant shooting games, which is what they bitching over a 2nd nub for

mxkite1939d ago

nintendo is not going to put a second stick on the 3ds

If they add asecind stick what you got is a wii u controller, the do nit want that they expect consuners to buy the controller for the wii u instead of using the 3ds as a controller

mxkite1939d ago

ohh i pologize for the bad grammar

CraigUK1939d ago

I think the real reason they arent including it is cost. The same reason they arent including the charger with it.

Basicly, this isnt required to play 3DS games, infact it is required less than a charger is. Very few games currently use it and its just adding cost to the console that just doesnt need to be there.

I agree with the thinking they should have had 2 from the start but I dont think portability is the reason the XL doesnt have one. That thing is a book, I dont think its going to fit into anyones pocket with ease unless you are captain big pockets. People carrying this about are going to have it in their bags or something in which case adding on the attachment would have no impact unless you back wont fit anything in it thats any bigger than the XL, in which case get a bigger bag.

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