Kojima "Not Yet Finished" with Solid Snake, Metal Gear Solid 5 to End it All - Unscripted Access

"Hideo Kojima confirms Metal Gear Solid 5's existence while information leaks out, Media Molecule involved with new unannounced AAA project, Skyrim's Dawnguard DLC releases, and much more gaming news and nonsense that listeners have come to expect with Unscripted Access."

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tmanmushroom2335d ago

I was so excited when I heard the new mgs announcement. I can't wait!!

Abash2335d ago

"Metal Gear Solid 5 to End it All"

Haha whatever you say, Kojima

soundslike2335d ago

I think he meant:

"I will end my life, if I have to make another MGS after MGS5."

I do hope MGS5 is the last one, not because I don't like MGS (its my favorite series), but Kojima isn't getting any younger and he might not get many more chances to start a new franchise if he doesn't do it soon.

mt2335d ago

Haha I remember he said that after MGS2

Solid_Snake372335d ago

This is the most exciting news in a long time, for me! Can't believe I'm actually going to see some Solid Snake action!

Omnislash2335d ago

I thought MGS4 ended it all....

shoddy2335d ago

Yay I love solid snake.
I love metal gear.
I live kojima.

stragomccloud2335d ago

I was about to write a comment... then I saw yours. Took the words right out of my mouth.

Razmossis2335d ago

Why do I still feel like it isn't actually confirmed yet?

I feel like I can't take Kojima seriously these days, and when he says something exists, I assume he means 'exists in his mind', but not actually developed.

Anyone else feel like this?

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Old McGroin2335d ago

Ha, yeah right Kojima as a few people have already pointed out, MG 4 was supposed to be his final MG:

According to Kotaku he also said he was done after part 3.

cpayne932335d ago

Heck I think at one point he said he had thought he was done at two.

Solid_Snake372335d ago

He's only doing this because he's being pressured by fans

stragomccloud2335d ago

He was also supposed to be done after 2.

LastDance2335d ago

I know this wouldn't happen (and probably shouldn't) but I would love to see a remake of the first metal gears where big boss and snake duke it out in Outer Heaven. That would be pretty epic.

stragomccloud2335d ago

I would love to see that too! Even if they just did it with the MGS3 engine to save on cashola. They should just combine Metal Gear, and Metal Gear 2 into one awesome game!

MrBeatdown2335d ago

This is exactly what I want.

It's the ending of Big Boss' story and the beginning of Snake's. It's arguably the most important chapter in the whole series. It needs to be redone in true MGS style. A couple old 2D games just can't do the story justice.

Snookies122335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

Lol, MGS4 was supposed to end it too... Snake should have died at the end, but people are always swaying Mr. Kojima in some way or another. I hope he does what HE wants to do to end the series with MGS5. I think if he's got a plot in mind, and an end in sight, he should set that in stone and just run with it this time.

NYC_Gamer2335d ago

Kojima will be stuck making MGS games long as he works for Konami

chasegarcia2335d ago

I know right. Quit and go on kickstarter.

Batzi2335d ago

Not once did he say that he was going to end the series with MGS5. The article is misleading.

chasegarcia2335d ago

he never does. The media is full of bs for hits.

Nitrowolf22335d ago

He never said MGS4 would be the end of MGS, he only said it would be the last chapter in Snake Journey,meaning that is where it ends. IDK the rumors on MGS5 even if there's a plot, but for all we know it could be a sequel. I'm hoping they don't pull some reverse Fox Die Snake is young again stuff.

Snookies122335d ago

I mainly meant that MGS4 was supposed to end the Solid Snake side of Metal Gear, since Snake was originally supposed to die. So that kinda actually would be the end of MGS now that I think about it, since it wouldn't be "Solid" anymore, it would move onto Metal Gear "something", or shoot, maybe even just Metal Gear 3 lol.

Nitrowolf22335d ago

There's plenty of room left for prequels, just like MGS: Peace Walker ;)

FreydaWright2335d ago

I think the ending to MGS4 was inconclusive and leaves plenty of room for speculation. We are quick to forget this new strain of FOXDIE, which counteracts the old virus. Moreover, he asks Big Boss in the very end "will I... die?" to which Big Boss gives no reply, as if to imply that Snake's fate is uncertain. In my eyes, there is potential for a post-MGS4 Snake. Correct me if I'm wrong. That's just what I recall from the final scene.

Snookies122335d ago

Oh yeah, I mean of course Snake still has some life left in him. It's just that we're unsure just how fast his genes are aging. Based on his appearance from MGS4, we can definitely say his body doesn't have TOO much longer left in it. Snake's going to die one way or another, probably at the end of MGS5. I think everyone realizes that, I just hope he goes out with a bang of glory rather than dying of that rapid aging process.

PirateThom2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

The reason Snake was going to kill himself was because the FOXDIE strain was mutating into a more aggressive form, no longer targeted like it had previously been. However, the mutation had actually caused it to become more harmless.... except to Big Boss, it's what ultimately kills him.

As for "no reply", that's the point where he gives his "This is good, isn't it?" speech and tells Snake, specifically, "Everybody dies. You can't stop it. You can't run away from it. Let me tell you something... Don't... Don't waste the life you have left fighting." Even in the post credits, Snake says "Otacon, I'm gonna be dead soon." and talks of his final days.

Snake, in the very near future after 4, is dead. It's not uncertain. MGS5 couldn't continue after it, not with Snake, even if he wasn't dead, he was worn and broken by the end of MGS4.

I love the character and I don't need to see him die on screen, old age or blaze of glory. It undermines the whole "stop fighting and live" aspect of the MGS4 ending.

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Lord_Sloth2335d ago

Poor Kojima. Konami keeps sticking him on the same projects again and again. Let him move on already!

Kurt Russell2335d ago

MGS games are great, but I would like to see him applied to a new I.P now... You know it would be boss whatever he worked on.

Megaton2335d ago

This hurts me. MGS4 ended it all. Don't retcon the living hell out of the series so you can end it all again.

brettyd2335d ago

I will never get tired of Metal Gear, they just keep getting better.

andibandit2335d ago

Except for the storyline, for newcommers i suggest not even trying to understand, your face will just melt.

shadow27972335d ago

As long as you start at the beginning with MGS1 (reading up on the Metal Gear plot lines would help too), you should be fine.

But definitely don't jump in at MGS4, or probably 5. Jumping in at 3 is okay, but makes 1 and 2 practically unplayable. So just start at MGS1 or MG if you're really committed.