An era of simplistic, casual video games is upon us

Bitmob Community Writer Chandler Tate: I am now thoroughly convinced that the era of complex, challenging, and elongated games is now on the way out.

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StrawberryDiesel4202156d ago

Dark Souls and Demon's Souls beg to differ...

NYC_Gamer2156d ago

That doesn't change the fact most games released are streamlined for the mainstream crowd

sonicsidewinder2156d ago

The Gaming Gods have forsaken us!!

Hicken2156d ago

Gonna be marked for trolling but... THANKS A LOT, MICROSOFT AND NINTENDO!

BrutallyBlunt2156d ago

You're right, Singstar was their fault. So was Ape Escape. I guess Eye Pet was their fault as well. Be a gamer Hicken, not a fanboy. You'll live longer.

PirateThom2156d ago

Have... you ever played Ape Escape?

BrutallyBlunt2156d ago

Yes, the original. It was fun. The new one sucked with Move.

PirateThom2156d ago

Oh, I was concerned you were talking about the original there for some reason and was confused.

KeiserSosay47882156d ago

Sony has done their fair share too, dude...

ginsunuva2156d ago

But sony had little influence. The others + Apple and Facebook made the unfortunate difference.

Hicken2156d ago

I agree, but I'm not saying Sony has never made anything casual.

However, as of right now, they're the only one of the Big Three that hasn't tossed their hat into the ring for the casual over the core.

Some people would like to name a title or two over the course of years, and lead you to believe that Sony has done what either Nintendo did- creating a system that was aimed almost entirely at the casual market- or what Microsoft did- leave their core behind and focus on the money-making casual segment of gaming.

Sony makes casual games, but they don't push it like the other two. And let's face it: if Nintendo and Microsoft were still catering more to the core than the casual, we wouldn't be seeing the current push that we do in the industry. It would be a tiny segment of gaming, kept largely on smartphones and tablets.

Well, it's easy to skew things how you want, and then call anybody who doesn't agree with you a fanboy. I'll at least applaud you for not being so childish as to do that.

BrutallyBlunt2156d ago (Edited 2156d ago )

Funny how supportive Hicken is of Sony when it's actually the PC that has the most games that cater to the non-casual crowd. What's so difficult about playing Uncharted for example? All it is is wave after wave of bad guys just like Call Of Duty with some cinematics thrown in and some obstacles to climb. I mean if we really want to see the core of it that's what it is. One big joyride that anyone can play. It's a great game, i'm not knocking it but people like Hicken thinks these games are for the hardcore crowd. Go play Civilization on the PC and tell me again how difficult and non-casual Uncharted is in comparison.

How about Valkyria Chronicles, another great game on the Playstation 3. Compare that to a game on the PC called Frozen Synapse. That game takes skill so when you compare the two Valkyria Chronicles looks very much like a casual game in comparison.

Notice a pattern with Hicken? It's all about making sure Sony is being on a higher pedastal than both Nintendo and Microsoft. That's ALL he cares about. He has no ambition in promoting the PC platform because he's a Sony fanboy at heart. Sony's main target in gaming is Nintendo and Microsoft, not the PC. Funny how the legion of fanboys like Hicken also follow this same path.

Sony may throw a bone here and there with games like Heavy Rain but those are few and far between. They too care about sales and will also milk franchises like God Of War. They might try and spin things and make it appear they are all for innovation and the hardcore much more than anyone else but the consumers will always dictate what stays and what goes. Funny how Call Of Duty is also the highest grossing franchise on the Playstation 3. So it's not like Sony gamers are much different than gamers on other systems even though Hicken thinks he's in his own league.

Very very very few games ever get green lit that are new IP's and Sony is no different. How many new IP's have we seen from Sony this year on the Playstation 3? How many hardcore games on the PS3 will come out this year than in comparison to the XBOX360 and PC? When you really look at the bulk of titles the Playstation 3 really doesn't stand out from the crowd. It's just the Sony fanboys who try dseperately to make it appear otherwise. I have a Playstation 3, I know what comes out. Sure Journey is a great game but so are other games like Fez. This is why Sony has had troubles defining itself because the XBOX360 plays the same way and with the same games. There are VERY VERY few titles that actually set the two apart but people like Hicken will fight to the death to highlight those VERY few titles we actually do see each year.

ShaunCameron2146d ago

Or a return to basics and an innocent time when a person didn't have to be a pretentious anti-social douchebag to enjoy video games.