The Death of Sony's Resistance Highlights What's Wrong with the FPS Genre

Thirteen1 - The Resistance has ended; not with a bang, but with a whimper.

It seems the rather inglorious final chapter has been written for Insomniac’s FPS series following a double whammy of announcements; Insomniac giving up the reins back in January, and Sony announcing that there are “No definitive plans” to continue the legacy a few days ago. So why did this series get born, live and die so quickly? Thirteen1 believes the answers lie not just within the contents of the discs, but in the state of the industry as a whole.

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extermin8or1991d ago

If it has died out and doesn't return it's a crying shame because tbh resistance 1,2 (yes 2) and 3 are brilliant games, granted 2 went of the track and changed the style abit too much; if all 3 had been more like 1 story and gameplay wise it would've been a bigger success I think but still it deserved better than this and I'm still pissed off at insomniac for just giving up especially when there were still several plot points they left unanswered :@

dark-hollow1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

FoM started the series pretty well, it had tons of potential and sorta of had it unique identity between all those cookie cutter FPS games.

after that, instead of building upon what should've been one of the greatest FPS franchises this generation, they went after the cod crowd and screw it up with the second game.

killerhog1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

How the hell did they go after the cod crowd in the second game? Resistance 2 is still 99% more barebones than any cod game. I swear, I hate the people who blindly be hating on R2. I mean, if you wanna get technical, what cod game has 60 players match offs? Balance guns (except the cheaters that ruin the balance with modded controllers)? Insomniac did a very good job at implementing abilities, that involved actually getting kills, but not only that, most of the abilities involve YOU having to go out in the battlefield for it to be effective. There's barely to no glitches, servers are stable etc.. R3 is what sold out 100% to the cod crowd like socom 4, literally (that's including bad frame rate, lag and 16 players).

I played r1 and r2 from day 1 and still play them both till this day. I completely dominated in both but enjoyed r2 the most. I can easily say who ever is hating on r2 is doing it blindly.

Most of the hate on r2 is because of the missing weapon wheel (that added nothing to the gameplay), and the fact that you couldn't spam weapons like the laark so easily like in r1. I come to realize, that the people hating on r2 is because they actually had to earn their kills and if they ran out of ammo, they had to kill their opponents for ammo or a new weapon to use(which is what I love most about r2).

To me, the reason people are hating on r2 is because it was more balance than r1, which makes me think it's the "punks" that are *crying*.

Trebius511990d ago

All 3 games were great in my opinion. 3 was my favorite for sure.

Article was an interesting read. Shame that negativity is the only thing people see cause the happy customers dont bother to post the positives, mostly ppl who are negative post their opinions on the web constantly.

DeadlyFire1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

Well its not like Resistance 4 won't come at some point. Even if its not from Insomniac its still likely to be developed by someone under Sony's helm. Its a decent series. Has some flaws and whatnot, but what doesn't. I personally liked the first game's playstyle better than 2 and 3. Still lots of room for a new developer to take over the series or Insomniac coming back to it one day.

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KingofGambling1990d ago

I wouldn't say the Resistance franchise is dead or anything.
I think Sony is saving up Resistance 4 for the PS4 and I also believe Sony would convince Insomniac to develop the game since they've established a great relation since the early Playstation days.

extermin8or1990d ago

I reckon insomniac will make a ps4 exclusive for around launch no idea if it'll be resistance I'd bet on a new IP again or Ratchet and Clank which tends to do quite well; but yes I agree resistance 4 will happen and there's a good chance insomniac are convinced/paid to make it I reckon; which I hope happens just so they can tie off all their lose ends as far as the storyline is concerned (hales "this is just the beginning" last boss in retribution saying "they are all coming" etc)

sly-Famous1990d ago

Resistance is dead? this first I hear of it.

dericb111990d ago

Cause on the internet one guy really thinks he speaks for millions lol.

Summons751990d ago

What's wrong with FPS genre? It's over saturated, really isn't that complicated

DeadlyFire1990d ago

Maybe a little, but mostly due to developers replicating what they see makes someone else money instead of innovating a game with its own playstyle.

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