Why Releasing Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Was A Mistake

Flynn Ross - With Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut making its way onto gaming platforms, I figured I would take this very prime opportunity to beat a dead horse. Now what follows is a hyper-intellectualization of something we are not supposed to intellectualize. Starting with a discussion of Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut, we will broaden our scope to address video game narratives as a whole. I know that what I have to say will ruffle a few feathers, but I am not doing this merely to provoke a reaction or cause unnecessary controversy.

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Hellsvacancy2185d ago

Shouldnt it be "why Mass Effect 3 was a mistake" the overall game itself wasnt very good imo, let alone the end, ME3 was "alright" it killed a couple of hours most nights, i wouldnt play it again though

Reverent2185d ago

Speak for yourself.

Ending may have sucked, but I, along with many others, thoroughly enjoyed the overall game.

MrChow6662185d ago

I would have liked it more rpg oriented but overall the game was great...until, know :S

xCaptainAmazing2185d ago

Cut was necessary. Game was great and with this, it is now at the very least worthy. It's not ideal, but there was a lot of great stuff added and modified. I'm completely satisfied with it and I hated it before.

Agent_00_Revan2185d ago

Why making Another article on ME3 was a mistake.....

muppetojoe2176d ago

I played the Extended Cut a second ago and I couldn't care less about it... it didn't change anything, it was just as bad.

This is the last Mass Effect related thing I care about, an alternative ending by a pro game deisgner and fan of the series: http://koobismo.deviantart....