The impressive Agnis Philosophy Tech Demo was running on a single GTX680

DSOGaming writes: "Remember Square Enix's Agnis Philosophy tech demo? What a brilliant piece of demo that was, right? A lot of gamers were wondering what kind of GPU was powering this beast, as we were getting visuals similar to CG quality with constant 60fps. Some thought that it was Nvidia's GTX690 cards powering it, while others thought that those visuals could only be achieved by a quad-SLI system. Well, seems that everyone was wrong as the Agnis Philosophy Tech Demo was running on a single, Nvidia GTX680 card"

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Scenarist2123d ago

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i wonder if we will be playing games looking this good soon then?.... license this engine out please

john22123d ago

Someone has to develop a PC-exclusive game with that engine

Capt-FuzzyPants2123d ago

I think they said they were just gonna use it internally. But if they can make enough money off of it they'll probably license it to anyone who pays.

FinaLXiii2123d ago

GTX680 or something similar will be the next gen benchmark for consoles.

--Onilink--2123d ago

that card alone is over $500... i think you need to lower your expectations about next gen consoles

FinaLXiii2123d ago

2 years from now it wont be that expensive.

Persistantthug2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )


I just lookded up an ATI 7950, and those run about $400.

In 2 years, those will be around $200 for consumers, and with mass production wholesale to Sony or Microsoft, that is totally possible and doable for consoles come holiday 2014.

ABizzel12123d ago

The GTX 660 is slightly less powerful than it's older brother the GTX 670, and it's going to cost between $250 - $350. That GPU is more than enough to produce visual on par or nearly on par with what these next gen engines have been showing, when programmed for a dedicated gaming console.

You also have to remember. The great majority of console games are going to run at 1080p and not 2k, which is another benefactor they have going for them. Not pushing for the highest image quality means they can put more effort into making the game look and run better.

If the rumors are true then the GTX 660 will at the very least be on par with the GTX 580, which is capable of running Battlefield 3 with everything set to Ultra at 60fps on 1080p.

Tyre2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

@onilink and several others, That's just BS, the Xbox360 was launched with a very expensive prototype ATI unified shader achitecture GPU when it was launched...not even available on the graphicscards market back then...unified shader architecture arrived months later in graphicscards on PC. The nextXbox will launch with a GPU not yet available in the PC market now. Btw This article shows the power of the software/engine.

Kakkoii2120d ago

Yes, the CARD costs that much, but the chip itself costs less than $80 each to make. Microsoft or Sony only need the chip, not a complete working graphics board. They'll be incorporating the chips into their own motherboards in their own manufacturing lines. So the costs are A LOT cheaper for them. Not to mention they get a very good mass production discount due to shipping millions.

But it likely won't be the highest end of a series, it's just too large of a chip, too much heat, too power hungry, from either ATI or Nvidia. Will be the high-mid range, like the 660's.

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Eyesoftheraven2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

With no AI or control scheme or game mechanics implemented. 100% strictly graphical tech demo. Even running on a single 680 not fully optimized, it's still overly ambitious for the next few years. It'll take 5 years minimum to actually play fully realized games running smooth 60fps looking like that.

Still no single card can or is just barely able to max Crysis 1.

Still no single card can or is just barely able to get constant 60fps in BF3 with 4xMSAA.

Still no single card can max out Max Payne with 8xMSAA.

Still no card can max out GTA Vice City with 8xSSAA.

jimmins2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

Wrong on all counts. GTX680 craps all over those benchmarks. Unless you're turning the resolution up to 4K.

Eyesoftheraven2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

Boot up Metro 2033 Max it out with 4xMSAA at 1920x1080 and let me know how those solid 60fps are working for ya.

Or how about Maxing out Arma 2 with a 10,0000m distance, 8XAA.

Max Payne 3 turns into a slide show with 8XMSAA enabled with an overclocked 7970.

There is no single card that can max the games I mentioned (they are games, not benchmarks, BTW) with the forms of AA I mentioned.

Boot up San Andreas or even Vice City and force 8x SSAA or even 4x Super Sampling AA at 1920x1080 and you will not see a steady 60fps.

Eyesoftheraven2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

How is this crapping all over Battlefield 3 Multiplayer completely maxed out:

36fps minimum? That's bullshit. I get very similar performance with my OC 7970, too.

raytraceme2123d ago

Isn't that what a cpu is for? AI, physics, control scheme etc...?

Eyesoftheraven2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

(IN A NUTSHELL) The CPU is also simultaneously responsible for "driving" the relatively simple "blue-print" of every frame for the GPU to then render. If the scene is too complex for the CPU to draw while also calculating advanced physics, AI, command prompts, audio, etc.. then the GPU will not be utilized to its maximum potential as it is freely able to do in this Graphical, in-engine cut scene tech demo.

Now, could I have more bubbles, please?

Rubberlegs2123d ago

I have no problem running Crysis at ultra settings running at 1080 res with a single 7970. I can run Max Payne 3 with 8xMSAA as well but some areas do take a big hit in the framerate so I turn it off.
Quality wise I couldn't even tell a difference with it off and with MSAA on in Max Payne 3 always seemed buggy for me. They did release a patch that improved the MSAA but I haven't played it since.

And no I'm not hitting a constant 60fps with any of these games but that doesn't matter to me. As long as it can stay above 30fps and it doesn't dip below that I'm good.

Erika_Furudo2123d ago

Sorry but I've already maxxed out all of those titles mentioned with a 670, you're clearly underestimating the 600 series.

Eyesoftheraven2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

Not with a 60fps minimum, you haven't maxed them — guaranteed. The absolute top end cards of today can't even run many last generation games with Super Sample Anti Aliasing levels from 4x up with 60fps minimums.

You do not get a 60fps minimum with Metro 2033 completely maxed out at 1080p or Crysis 1 with 8xAA or Max Payne 3 with 4 or 8xMSAA.

Same goes for BF3 single player let alone Multiplayer and Arma 2 and Alan Wake.

Even Futuremark DX11 Demo kicks the best cards along with the absolute best prosumer CPUs asses at freakin' 1280x720!

ginsunuva2123d ago

My gtx 680 does the first two; I don't have Vice City or Max Payne so I can't try it out. (I can't Max the Payne lol)

I max out Crysis + mods everything at around 30fps

I get about 59-60 fps in Bf3 with 4x Msaa

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Tomonobu Itagaki2123d ago

Because a game turns on this or that engine doesn't mean it will be a good game, nor a beautiful one.

Unreal Engine 3, for example. Gears of War 2, Bulletstorm or Batman: Arkham City / Asylum are absolutely gorgeous, while Duke Nukem: Forever, Legendary and Section 8 are also UE3 games, and yet they are far from being stellar.

The single Engine argument is not sufficient to guarantee a quality game.

OmniSlashPT2123d ago

How about companies start making real time demos showing off their engines instead of cutscenes? How are we supposed to know if that is real time or not if there is no interaction?

Something like the Star Wars 1313 demo...this Square engine looked really good, but it was just a movie.

Qrphe2123d ago

It was real time, that's why it was such a big deal. There are YouTube videos of the E3 press conference for the demo.

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