Dishonored gameplay videos – stealth & action developer walkthroughs

Here’s are a two Dishonored gameplay videos showing a stealthy & more action orientated walkthroughs of the Golden Cat level, with c-directors Raphael Colantonio and Harvey Smith to guide us.

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soundslike2125d ago (Edited 2125d ago )

So fucking rad.

If this is a "bioshock ripoff" then more people need to rip off bioshock.

In truth this is more like Deus Ex with magic, and thats pretty much my dream game.

lastdual2125d ago (Edited 2125d ago )

Yeah, it's definitely closer to DX. And it looks phenomenal.

pandehz2125d ago

Looks good.

One issue I have with the game:
They need to remove the GHOSTLY static hands. It was acceptable in Skyrim and before but if DICE could do it in 2009 then I bet they could too 4 years later, make it more alive. Or not?

Psychotica2125d ago

This looks really good, so many different ways to have a good time with it.

NYC_Gamer2125d ago

I hope there is some type of balance to the amount of power the player can use