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Submitted by TheSpoiler 1324d ago | article

A Challenge: Play Your Portables In Public

Digibred wants you to play your games in public and stop worrying about evil glances. (3DS, Culture, Nintendo DS, Phantasy Star Portable, PS Vita, PSP)

jujubee88  +   1324d ago
Being self-consious about that kinda stuff is reserved for dumbasses and stinky old farts.
But, I exercise my freewill all the time by playing my VITA - given that the time and place is okay (and I am not in some dark alley where thugs can beat me up and take my VITA).

Whenever I casually play my VITA in public, it is really no different than imagining a serious philosopher like Socrates playing spinning tops in public (back in 400 bc).

Interesting story though. I gotta feel bad for that girl who plays "Farmville". Girls like that usually suffer from a lack of identity and they feel the need to attack others to build up their own self-esteem.

Gotta have fun, people!

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TBM  +   1323d ago
I play my vita everyday on the train going to work, and going home. the only time i can't play it is when the train is too damn crowded going home after work.

i also play it in my office and our lunch room i don't give two sh*ts what anyone says i paid good money for it and imma play it wherever and whenever. and im 38 yrs old.
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Shadow Haze501  +   1323d ago
Amen to that.
dboyman  +   1323d ago
Here Here! I too am over 30 and proud to game too, despite what other people think! You deserve a bubble TBM...
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Knushwood Butt  +   1323d ago
Yeah, I was just playing mine on the train home..
MagicAccent  +   1323d ago
Well said!

I would play my Playstation portable more when I'm out and about, if only it was a little bit more 'portable'.
Maybe if I get a 3ds some day, I'll probably play the hell out of that.

Also, to anyone who feels embarrassed and feel like a child with a toy, when playing in public, you 'are' being childish, who cares what the "cool kids" do and think.

I'm an adult, and nobody makes decisions for me, but ME. Just give em a "no, you're the freak"-stare right back and game on.
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homer  +   1323d ago
No thanks. The only people I see playing games in public on anything other than a smart phone are young children. I could see getting away with the vita though becuase it could pass as a smart phone if held in a deceptive manner.
cpayne93  +   1323d ago
Why is it cool to play on phones in public but not video games?
Hicken  +   1323d ago
So... exactly why do you disapprove? So far, I gather that you haven't seen anyone other than kids do it; does that mean that, in your eyes, it's childish to play on a handheld if you're in public? If so, why do you think so?

Me, I'll play my Vita whenever and wherever, same as I did my DS and my PSP. I could not care less what someone else thinks about it, since I'm not playing for their sake. I'm playing because I like to play.

Screw their dirty looks.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   1323d ago
I whipped mine out in public and started playing with it. A few young ladies saw me and asked to play with it too. They were all into it too, so much they drew a crowd. Guys were patting me on the back, wishing they had one like it. It is pretty awesome I guess.

...the Vita I mean.
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dboyman  +   1323d ago
Same thing happened to me too, but not just young ladies, but some kids and their parents too. I was playing Gravity Rush as well as uncharted golden abyss and Wipeout 2048 for the PS Vita. Some were really so impressed not only just the graphics (there jaws did drop for games like Uncharted ) by the but the smooth controls you cannot get from a smartphone. One parent who's a Assassin Creed fan said he plans to get the PS Vita when AC Liberation comes out
sarydactl  +   1323d ago
Well done, good sir. For the double entendres, I mean.
WildArmed  +   1323d ago
I play on the train often. I remember I was sitting next to a lawyer, he saw me playing my PSP.
He got out his 3DS and started playing...
thou he kept getting killed so he eventually put it away.

But the point being is that he wasn't comfortable enough to take it out until he saw me playing.
Which is sad, because gaming is a hobby. You shouldn't be ashamed of doing it in public.

I occasionally whip it out at restaurants. But i get dirty looks, so I put it away before i get hit over the head by her >.<
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Moncole  +   1323d ago
How do you know he was a lawyer?
WildArmed  +   1323d ago
I assumed? Saw a law firm logo on his bag and paperwork, so I just assumed. Either way, not the point ;)
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daggertoes83  +   1323d ago
"I occasionally whip it out at restaurants"If you whip it out in a restauant i would look at you funny to. I will play with my vita in public though.
Tuxedo_Mask  +   1323d ago
An Even Greater Challenge: Play Your Portables In a Public Restroom! (With the volume turned all the way up!)
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WildArmed  +   1323d ago
Taking a dump in a public restroom has never been so much fun.
TopDudeMan  +   1323d ago
I openly sit on the bus and play pokemon. I'm 19 years old. No one dares say anything.
omarzy  +   1323d ago
There is a mutual understanding between gamers, and the general public that you do not insult pokemon under any circumstances.
omarzy  +   1323d ago
People do much of worse things in public.
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r21  +   1323d ago
whenever im out by myself at restaurants, i take out my vita whilst waiting for my food. the only looks i get from is kids or other teens who are really impressed by it :D shame, they havent got one themselves.
mxkite  +   1323d ago
yeah that is what you got when you are the first generation of old gamers just think about it videogames are relatively new
by the way im 23
boybato  +   1323d ago
whats wrong with that? my girlfriend always plays with my angry bird in public. ;)
Jessemcs951  +   1323d ago
Yeah I can relate to what your saying here and I live southern California I would not take my portables to school but I've seen others and people looked at them as being more nerdy then those typically played games on their smartphones and iPods
Deadpool616  +   1323d ago
"Oh my! He's playing one of those awful portable gaming devices! Let's give him the glance of disapproval."

Honestly, I don't understand people that have a problem with gaming on the go. Can someone please give me the rundown on why it's frowned upon? I can't think of any good reasons on why it would be.
Jessemcs951  +   1323d ago
Yeah there is actually nothing to be ashamed about I don't get it either.
dboyman  +   1323d ago
I think its because an Adult is playing a "Kids toy" That's their perception of it. They expect adults to stop playing kids and be grumpy adults who worry about adult things.

Reminds me when I got my now late father a few year ago to play DS game (forget which one)while waiting in a mall. Some old ladies were looking at him funny, like he was weird. Let me tell you, my Dad was a grumpy old coot who loved to tick off people and hates putting up with crap from people. He asked in his cursing way what there problem was they said he is too old for that. He said ( again with lots of sailor talk) that its none of there business what he does and go "fly a kite".

Hes was not a gamer per se but believed if you don't bother people and are doing something you like, and , you should not be harassed for doing your "own thing". He was crude at times, but still miss him dearly...
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GaryOak  +   1323d ago
Girl:"Lol,he still plays Pokemon?"
Me:"Lol"*Uppercuts girl*
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Salamander  +   1323d ago
I dont play my 3DS on a bus or train because im a pussy. I only play while im driving.
Sheikh Yerbouti  +   1323d ago
I have one simple rule when it comes to society's disapproval of things I enjoy: F--k 'em.
ignorantsonsof_  +   1323d ago
Challenge accepted.
Khordchange  +   1323d ago
Went on a bus trip in high school, brought my DS to play Pokemon Diamond. When I started playing people had a few chuckles and gave me weird stares. but after about an hour on the bus, about 15 people were all watching me play and they would beg for a turn. just how it works i guess
Cablephish  +   1323d ago
That reminds me of this time in primary school where one girl had brought a Gameboy colour with Kirby Tilt n Tumble, and like 6 kids would all take turns playing it, me being one of them. XD

But we all loved video games back then. :P
KiLLeRCLaM  +   1323d ago
I'm 30 and I play on my vita when I'm on the bus or train. Honestly I don't really care what people think. I grew up a gamer and I'm going to die a gamer :D better then sitting looking out the window and seeing the same damn thing everyday. I find people who read a newspaper on the b/t is more distracting then someone with a handheld. We live in the technology era. People should be used to it by now and not be scared to play in public. I won't sit in a restaurant and play though, especially if I'm there with family as it's a little disrespectful but that's just me. Live your life the way you want and if your happy that's all that matters.
Canary  +   1323d ago
I'd totally play my handheld gaming devices in public.

You know, if my 3DS and Vita actually had battery lifes long enough to warrant taking 'em away from an outlet for so long.
Tetsujin  +   1323d ago
I play mine in public, F- what other people think, or what "dirty" looks I get; it's my s-it, I'll play what I want. It's not bothering anyone, and yes I'll even bring up Tetris on my Game Boy Color that still works. They don't like it? Tough, I'm not bothering anyone,
Smashbro29  +   1323d ago
I do this all the time.
Kratoscar2008  +   1323d ago
My worry here is that i get my handheld stolen, i couldnt careless about the people that watch me.
Qrphe  +   1323d ago
Most likely you won't receive feedback about you playing, but overall, videogames are labeled for children or immature adults by society.
I don't care though.
BitbyDeath  +   1323d ago
No different to reading a book in public. I usually play games on my phone on the train, either that or read.
MasterCornholio  +   1323d ago
I love sitting next to iPhone users in the metro and torturing them with my Vita.


SirBradders  +   1323d ago
Society is a very weird place atm everyones to damn judgmental, i for stare people like that straight back if they continue then they get a LOUD what the fuck!! dont care how crouded the train is.

Good note on the bus not long ago had a crowd of business bods behind me watching unit 13 so there is still hope yet lol.
TronEOL  +   1323d ago
I've never had a problem with gaming in public. What do all those "critics" think most people are focusing so intently on their iPhone/smartphones for? Do they honestly believe they're sending a 10-20 minute intense text message, or browsing important information on the internet?

No, they're most likely playing a game.

It's the same as watching a movie, or listening to music on the way home, or just in public. NBD.
Tidybrutes  +   1323d ago
I take my Vita or 3DS everywhere with me, play every day on the bus journey to and from work, coldnt care less what anyone thinks all I know is what im doing is more interesting than staring out the window or worse staring at someone judjing them.
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born2live  +   1323d ago
good article, and I, for one, never play in public. I'd rather read a book in the subway than take out my 3ds - sure, my ride lasts less than 15 minutes, which doesn't get you anywhere in most games, the subway is almost always super crowded, and yes, the battery life sure is a factor. I can't say why, but I kinda feel guilty, I guess... a 36 years old man playing a Nintendo game?

And yet I just love my 3ds - so many awesome games, not only meant for kids... I guess I don't want my credibility to be undermined by people who still think gaming is for kids... And yes, I have in the past defended DS players, because of the old perspective that some still have about Nintendo (ya know, their target public being young gamers, etc), which is no longer entirely true...

Nevertheless... Challenge denied!
born2live  +   1323d ago
But I also want to say that I HATE those stupid girls who go walking and texting on their Iphone like the rest of the world doesn't exist... You know, the ones who will suddenly stop walking, right at the bottom of the escalator or right in front of an elevator door to answer a stupid text msg (coz there's no way they can wait until later to do that) and block everyone else's way, or text while crossing a street, without even looking if a car is coming their way... And I do give them the stare! At least, gamers are usually a little smarter and pick the right moment to play...
DivineAssault  +   1322d ago
i had a flight attendant say " your a big kid arent you? so cute" i looked up & showed her how uncharted looked on my vita & she was like "WOW!" Then continued on with my earbuds plugged in.. I take my vita where ever i will be waiting somewhere & dont give a damn what anyone thinks.. Now im not into 3DS games (except revelations) so idk about pulling that out & playing pokemon though.. Not exactly my style of system but be free fellow gamers.. Enjoy superior games while the casuals are stuck with angry birds..

Btw, chicago doesnt have subways, only train stations .. i live 20 minutes away & go there all the time so idk what the author is talking about.. Also, dont just whip out your sexy toys just anywhere out there either... You WILL get jacked! lol
SillyBastid  +   1320d ago
I'm too busy climbing walls or shooting enemies in Golden Abyss, or building that 20x multiplier in Stardust Delta, or hitting bombs in MLB The Show with Robbie Cano dontcha know to be worried about insecure folks glancing my way when playing my vita. They are probably jealous that they are too insecure to enjoy themselves on the subway. The only thing I am mindful of is putting my Vita away a stop or two before I get off. Sure it may be pointless but it makes me feel a littler better that somebody isnt following me off the train to jack it from me.

Another good thing to keep in mind is not playing near the subway car exit, people have been known to jack and run when in a station.

game on people!

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