Do We look At Video Game Soundtracks As A Whole Or As Background Noise? Part 3 (GamerLive.TV)

Last fall, Epic’s Gears Of War franchise came to a close. It has helped form the third person shooter genre as various publishers have adapted the Unreal Engine. The series launched in 2006 with Kevin Riepl designing the score for the game. The signature Gears Of War echo came from him and has been echoed through out the series. The thunderous bass, drums and orchestral clashing together are what fans come to expect. Riepi also showed his full repertoire by creating the somber and depressing times in Gears Of War, but do fans notice? Do people look at soundtracks as a whole or as background noise?

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Agent_hitman2157d ago

I love Videogame OST especially the experimental ang acid punk ones.. Most noticeably on FPS games like BF, COD..

HarryMasonHerpderp2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

It depends how good the music is, for example:

God Of War
Gravity Rush
Silent hill
Final Fantasy

all of these soundtracks stood out to me personally and made me take notice, and I still remember these games for partly their soundtracks. I don't think the music side of games gets enough recognition when it comes to awards though.
There should be an awards event just for the musical side because there are so many different genres in games and different ways of using it that best score award doesn't do it justice.
They should have other categories such as best use of a soundtrack or most experimental, most impact-full etc etc.

GamingManiac2157d ago (Edited 2157d ago )

NFS Most Wanted had the best and most memorable soundtracks ever!!! :D And if Criterion gives us the option to play our own music (on PS3), I'll definitely be playing the old NFS:MW soundtracks :D