Let's look really closely at Nintendo's Wii U


Nintendo showed dozens of games during E3 2012, and gave attendees a second hands-on with near-final Wii U hardware. We covered the company extensively, but we couldn't resist an invitation to get a quiet, private demonstration of the console during a New York City event this week.

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000012184d ago

do you think anyone noticed her ring...but nice video, fairly detailed info about how the wii u feels with the new controllers.

Hisiru2184d ago

I am not watching this video. No spoilers for me! I will wait for the launch.

stuntman_mike2184d ago

"do you think anyone noticed her ring"

why?? was she bending over!

lol i just couldnt resist sorry.

live2play2184d ago

i want to play nintendoland so bad

from the previews of 5 of 12 games
nintendoland seems to be really fun

and its a pack in to boot

ozzywazzy2184d ago ShowReplies(3)
mike1up2184d ago

If NintendoLand helps me get my girlfriend into the Legend of Zelda series, then I am all for it.

Salamander2184d ago

Wether you got a missus or not, i dont know. But there is nothing wrong with wanting to play a fun game regardless if it looks simplistic or not. I hope Nlands a pack in though. I see myself having the mates over for a good ole piss up while trying to kill eachother Miis. Its gonna be heaps good.

AO1JMM2184d ago

I am looking forward to playing on the Wii U.

Aliens Colonial Marines
Pikmin 3

They all look great and look fun to play as well.

WeskerChildReborned2184d ago

ZombiU, aliens, and AC3 is enough for me. Anything more is just awesome.

mshope102184d ago

well i'm 29 and my 25 year old girlfriend and i can't wait to play nintendo land! you want to know why because it looks fun and thats why we play.when i want some serious gaming i'll play call of duty or something like that. but when it's time to have fun with multiplayer i know nintendo land will be the best at what it does.!

so if you think nintendo land looks good speak up who cares what some punks who have there parents buy there games cause they think there cool games has to say.

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