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Games are Getting Easier - 5 Reasons that's a Good Thing

Thirteen1 - The gaming community has always been divided when it comes to difficulty versus enjoyment. In the red corner, 'hardcore' elite gamers who think all games should be as challenging as possible. In the blue corner, gamers who prefer to play for the thrill of the adventure and as a way to unwind at the end of a hard day.

Diablo's Inferno mode recently reignited the debate over how difficult games should be, with game director Jay Wilson's “and then we doubled it” quote becoming an instant internet meme. Now, with yesterdays announcement from Hitman: Absolution director Tore Blystad stating that just 20% of gamers will see the final level of Agent 47's latest blood bath, both the red and the blue corners have come out swinging. Funny thing is, neither side of the argument is more valid than the other.

One thing is for certain, games ARE getting easier. but that doesn't have to be viewed a bad thing. Here's 5 reasons why (Diablo III, Hitman: Absolution, Industry, Jay Wilson, PC, PS3, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360)

Hellsvacancy  +   825d ago
Its your choice in games i guess, i prefer games where you die instantly, 1 bullet = dead for example, i always play my games on hard (unless its a game i dont give a shiezer about)

There few and far between though, i recently bought Dark Souls again because i was gettin bored with playing easy games, with easy controls (Assassins Creed) and save points all over the place

A LOT of games are not made for Hardcore gamers "an individual who likes challenging games" (my definition of a hardcore gamer) there made for the mass market, which tends to be kids or gamers who want 5 hour singleplayer games with added multiplayer

Not me, guess thats why i like rpgs, they tend to be bigger games where you need to think about what your doing little
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Alos88  +   825d ago
Dear Esther a walk in the park? It WAS a walk! That's literally all you did.
T1Publishing  +   825d ago
Haha, that was the intended joke! :)
TABSF  +   825d ago
This is a terrible article.

Lower Entry Level
This is just stupid, games are getting dumbed down and its getting worse for every iteration. If a game has a 15 or 18 sticker on it then People of that age or above should only play it. Making games easier for adolescences who should not even be playing the game is a load of crap.

Harder Games
There is usually a difficulty choice in games so if you want to play it on EASY and take 1000 bullets to the head then be my guest. Like Hellsvacancy I like the 1 shot = 1 kill premise.

Arty and Party Games have always been around, its just that gaming was not socially acceptable last gen so nobody heard of them. Plus waggle controls have opened up the market.

And for the 'You Can Play However You Want' argument, I've been doing that since I started play games :/

This 'Games are Getting Easier - 5 Reasons that's a Good Thing' is a load of BuIIsh!t
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Tomonobu Itagaki  +   825d ago
With an easy game, you don't get the satisfaction of ending a game. You don't feel being superior. You don't feel being skilled. You just feel having some kind of entertainment.

Hard games is the best way to reward gamers. They must feel confident, then they must be spanked and when the pain of humiliation is picking them, they will evolve. They will learn how to deal with certain situations and they will create their own tactics.

And when finishing the game, when killing the Last One, they will cry out loud "I DID IT" and they will really feel having accomplished something. They will feel proud and will always remember this gaming experience.

A greatly-designed hard game is just the proper way to tell someone "You're a gamer, not a wallet".
insomnium2  +   825d ago
"A greatly-designed hard game is just the proper way to tell someone "You're a gamer, not a wallet". "

I think so too but I would like to hear some examples of this if you would be so kind. Demon's souls is a good one. It's pretty hard and IT IS NOT CHEAP. CHEAP deaths frustrate the living s*it out of me.

Bringing the difficulty up with "one shot one kill" and "healthpacks give you less health" is sometimes frustrating as hell. Especially if they put you in a stationary gun to shoot down some planes like Duke Nukem Forever or Killzone 3 there at the end of the game. Secuenses like that can be frustrating as hell. You can't get of the effing gun you just have to memorize the entire sequense since your guy dies if he gets hit even once for example.
Tomonobu Itagaki  +   825d ago
Ninja Gaiden, of course. Perfectly designed games with a perfect measure of difficulty (I don't count Ninja Gaiden 3, it's not a game, it's a turd).

Ninja Gaiden is the perfect example of how we can combine great level-design, good scenario, smooth animations, exemplary replay value, deep gameplay, sweet visuals and perfectly balanced difficulty.
Tetsujin  +   825d ago
Rewind back to the 90's when difficult games was something us gamers welcomed; and it was just as rewarding back then if not better than the games out now.

Some examples include Resident Evil 2; you met certain requirements you played as Hunk, Tofu, and even had extra costumes. Tekken 3 you had to play force mode multiple times to unlock Bosconovich; Metal Gear Solid you had extra dialogue at the end; Guardian Heroes for the extra characters; list goes on.

Now people "claim" to want harder games, then complain because its "too hard" - play some of the games back in the NES days and early Playstation/Saturn, hell even in the arcades, then you earn the right to classify "hard." And no, Dark Souls isn't hard, just requires patience and timing, something a lot of people (not everyone) lacks today.
ignorantsonsof_  +   825d ago
Dark Souls is like a modern day NES game. What I mean by that is that it's all trial and error, and requires memorization of levels similar to memorizing levels in the original super mario bros. I think one thing people seem to forget when talking about difficulty in games these days, is that we have all gotten much better at playing games. The reason you say Dark Souls is not hard is because you KNOW how to work a game like that now, since you have had a lot of experiences with games that work in a similar way. Imagine if Dark Souls was one of the first games you ever played and you would see how similar it is to many NES games, in how difficult it is and how you go about progressing in the game. If people can speed run old NES games in ridiculously short amounts of time (just like people can speed run through Dark Souls in a little over an hour) then they really aren't that difficult if you know what you're doing. So I think Dark Souls had a pretty good balance of difficulty that did a great job of returning to the old school idea of the subject. Although I do agree that we should have more games that are even harder than Dark Souls, since a lot of us are used to that level of difficulty and it ends up still being pretty easy for us. I admit that to make Dark Souls more challenging I limit myself to weak weapons, never upgrade my HP, and always use physical attacks unless it's necessary to use long range attacks.
FinaLXiii  +   825d ago
i want progresive dificultly easy > hard and not vice versa like some games Bioshock for example.
Rhezin  +   825d ago
couldn't agree more, Tetsujin. Chaos mode in God of War III was difficult as hell, but I eventually beat it. They just take patience, these games. It does NOT call for making them easier. Hate it when developers cater to EVERYONE. Stick with a demographic!
InTheLab  +   825d ago
Games are getting easier and it's a terrible thing. Remember Mario on the NES? I beat that s*** 24 times from the age of 5 through 31. When I turned 6, I had mastered one of the hardest games ever created, which was Mega Man.

Kids today, are being force fed spoiled ass. Kinect games that play themselves. Wii games that have you waggle a wiimote back and forth and bamm...you've won. Remember running out of continues, and having to start that s*** all over again from the beginning? What kills is, children are smarter than they were when I was a kid, so why are we dumbing things down?

Yeah...games are getting easier and it's a bad thing.
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Saryk  +   825d ago
Games getting easier equals games beaten quickly, so gamers can buy more games.
Hicken  +   825d ago
Not a good thing. Not in the overall scheme of things. If there are games geared towards kids, and those games are easier than before, that's okay.

But for the core- those of us who buy the most games, those of us who keep these companies afloat through good times and bad- easy is a horrible thing. And there are no two ways about it.

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