BioWare shows fans they care with added Mass Effect 3 ending content | 8Bit Envy

They didn't have to, but BioWare has come through on their word to provide fans of the series more closure than their original endings.

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Army_of_Darkness2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

I personally think that this was all planned out by bioware to make it seem as if instead of appearing greedy by selling new DLC endings, why not act as if they're releasing it to please the fans instead?!
cause surely if they really did care, I doubt that they would want to charge them for it right??

Also, ME was all about choices, which makes me wonder why the ending ended up being the same no matter what you did?!.... well, not until you "purchase" the new dlc that is... I'm sure developers know that us gamers hate being charged DLC, so why not find whys to mask this greediness right?!... sneaky...

user54670072276d ago

Like they had a choice...

They don't care...they were in denial for almost a week when people started complaining tyring to cover it up like nothing was wrong..."you can't please everyone" BS

The fact that they still think we complained because we wanted closure prooves they don't have a clue why we were upset...lets not forget that they still havent admitted they messed up.

All the DLC added was a few new scenes and some trying to cover up the plotholes even though theys till don't make sense....hell they even created new plotholes. Oh and still didn't explain the Shepard breathing scene....if he was on the Citadel then why is London rubble still around him and why didn't people uncover him when they were rebuilding the Citadel. I mean the closure was basicaly stills of characters moving on after the war with a voice over from Hackett.

cleft52276d ago

You know what Mike, they didn't have to do this and they did because they care. But people like you just want to hate them and EA. Nothing Bioware says or does will ever change that. Our voices created a change at a major company and that means something important. If we can't appreciate that than why even bother with listening to our feedback at all.

Biozerker2276d ago

Well said, the self entitlement gamers have now is appalling.

Godmars2902276d ago

They didn't have to make the game in the first place but they did because they, like may others, like money. For that reason they tried to "fix" the game in attempt to continue the franchise as well as sell DLC. Its a good will promotion.

The sad thing, that which has the panties of those such as Mike and myself in a bunch, is that once upon a time a company like Bioware tried to tell a story as well as make money off of it. The ME series, ME3's ending especially, showed that they don't give a damn about story anymore. This fix, as I've already pointed out, is a bandaid on the issue so they can basically make the same mistakes for ME4 and on.

Sheikah2276d ago

True. Big emphasis on the dlc being free.. It's not like they were pulling an "Asura's Wrath" or anything

TheBlackSmoke2276d ago

"Oh and still didn't explain the Shepard breathing scene....if he was on the Citadel then why is London rubble still around him"

That's not a plot hole, that's people over analysing the shit out of everything. There was an explosion so there's rubble all around him...the end. This is the reason you have people making 3 hour IT documentaries, because they over think instead of taking it at face value.

Also if you got the Shepard breathes ending your love interest doesn't put your name on the memorial wall. that's hardly moving on is it?

shammgod2276d ago

Bioware care for their fans as much as tobacco companies care for the well being of their consumers. It's big business.

Sheikah2276d ago

Hence the free DLC. Not a very sound business model :p

ZoyosJD2276d ago

You still have to give them what they crave, or they go elsewhere.

DarthJay2276d ago

They showed they care about their image. They showed they cared about PR. They showed they cared about their ego. If they cared about the fans, they would have listened. Putting out nearly 2 gigs of DLC to make up for a mistake (or pure laziness) is not caring about your fans.

Sure, they could have done nothing, and if they were really gung ho about this being about art and upset that fans had the audacity to expect more and better and a much different ending, they should have.

Unfortunately, this is just an investment for them. They plan on making more products in the future and now this is a chance to have something to point at and say "see, we care, look at what we did for you." They didn't learn anything.

It's their product, they have the right to sink or swim with it, and they tried to float. I would have way more respect if they went down with the ship and stuck to their guns or rolled with the tide of change.

As it stands... yes, things make more sense. No, I still do not like it. And yes, this all should have been in the game to begin with.

vega2752276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

If bioware cared so much. then we shouldn't have come to this point when fans had to go to extremes just to get you guy to get off your ass and put outa DLC ending that should have been done the first time around.

this is just bioware trying to save face cause they knew they messed up badly and hope that it puts them and EA in a better light then they have been recieving as of late. but for must people it's a case of "too little,to late" people have moved on to other games.

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