The Worst Games Of 2012 (So Far)

We’re halfway through 2012 and there have been a ton of games released in the last six months. These are the worst.

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SoundGamer2182d ago

Oh, Amy.

Such a terrible game. :/

iXenon2182d ago

So So so so sooooooooo glad I avoided that one

guitarded772181d ago

@ iXenon

You say you're glad you avoided it, but it appears you wrote the article. How do you know it's terrible if you didn't play it? In another comment, you say this is an opinion piece, but you're relying on other people's opinions.

legionsoup2181d ago

what about that dancing star wars game?

Gaming1012181d ago

You don't need to play Amy to know it's shit, trust me, there's not a single positive thing anyone's had to say about it.

guitarded772181d ago

@ Gaming101

You may decide not to play it because so many have said it is crap, but to write an opinion piece saying it's one of the worst of 2012, you need to have played it. If your opinion is based off of other peoples opinions without any personal experience, you are a sheep and don't need to be spreading misinformation.

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JTX1232181d ago

the worst kind of terrible game: one with potential

Skizelli2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

The sad part about it is that Paul Cuisset, the designer of Flashback (a great game), served as director on the project.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2181d ago

Resistance: Burning Skies was on there?!? What the frick? It's a great game! Both the campaign and the multi-player are well done. I play it online all the time.

iXenon2181d ago

This is an opinion piece. To each his own.

MySwordIsHeavenly2181d ago

They're putting it on a "worst games of 2012" list though. There are several Vita games that are much worse than Resistance: Burning Skies. This guy just wanted to make a point.

CanadianTurtle2181d ago

The campaign was very mediocore, especially for a Resistance game. The Resistance games are known for excellent campaigns, but this game didn't have the same level of excellence and polish.

Also the multiplayer is very barebones with poor balancing.

I'm a huge resistance fan, and it's sad to see Burning Skies come out with so much potential, but poorly executed gameplay.

MySwordIsHeavenly2181d ago

It has a better campaign than 1 or 2.

TheTwelve2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

Well, looking at the PSN charts, it's one of the most downloaded games on Vita's PSN and those who bought it gave it over 4 stars out of 5. Anybody with a Vita can see this for themselves. I didn't buy it but I hear plenty of good things from those who have.


P.S. Disagree all you please but the stats are clearly on your PSN stores. I was surprised myself to see how well it is doing considering the outside reviews.

snipes1012181d ago

Yeah, god forbid anyone says anything bad about resistance or has an opinion differing from yours.


MySwordIsHeavenly2181d ago

There are opinions...and then there is a guy just trying to make a point. I didn't like Inception as much as everyone else, but I'm not going to put it on a "worst movies ever made" list. Nobody would/should do that. R:BS is a good game. It is well made. Even HE didn't argue that. There are Vita games that deserve that spot much more and even the author can't deny that.

pixelsword2181d ago

Well, they may be opinions, but guitarded77's keen eye pointed out that the writer of this article didn't even play some games, so he's basically forming opinions vicariously.

humbleopinion2181d ago

The game got a sub-60 metascore and is one of the lowest reviewed PS Vita games. And unlike games like "Michael Jackson The Experience HD", people had some expectations from a game carrying the Resistance title.
So I guess that the writer opinion isn't the minority here.

chela2181d ago

its sony ex, cant be bad /n4g

snipes1012180d ago

He just has a list of "worst games so far." This is a far different scenario than your "worst movies of all time" list.

Ultimately, nothing you're saying to this matters. No matter how malformed, it's the guy's opinion. He's not arguing facts, but adjectives...something that is entirely subjective.

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Skateboard2181d ago (Edited 2181d ago )

You're correct, bubble up!!!.

YoungKingDoran2181d ago

dont worry, as iXenon himself semi-confessed to not even playing Amy, he probably hasnt played burning skies either.

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ChunkyLover532181d ago

Resident Evil Operation raccoon City was pretty broken at launch, but after the first couple of patches it was pretty fun. I think people weren't totally sure what to make of the game, because it had Resident Evil in the title. It was more like Socom with zombies.

Its a better game than Ninja Gaiden 3 in my opinion though, which didn't make this list.

Robotronfiend2181d ago

I expected to see Ninja Gaiden and SFxT on that list... well they're on my list anyhow. ;-)

InTheLab2181d ago

Fail for no Steel Battalion. How do you leave the actual worst game of 2012 off a list of worst games of 2012?

ALLWRONG2181d ago

I agree Steel Battalion should be right next to Resistance.

brew2181d ago

He clearly didn't think this one through. Maybe he'll learn.

--Onilink--2181d ago

it doesnt hurt to read everything.

The final note says the site is Playstation only

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