Devil May Cry 4: Demo Arriving On Japanese XBL Thursday

The latest interweb gossip from the official Japanese Capcom boards suggests that a demo of the highly anticipated Devil May Cry 4, will be arriving on the XBL marketplace (Japanese only at the moment) on Thursday.

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decapitator3472d ago (Edited 3472d ago )

"Ryô Hard. In English it means "Both Hardware" meaning for both 360 and PS3.

Original Link :

The game has been confirmed for both the Xbox 360 and PS3. Great news for anyone anticipating this game. I seriously can't wait.

mighty_douche3472d ago

thanks for explaining, think ill wait till the EU/US version arrives.

bubbles for you!

decapitator3472d ago

Thanks friend. bubbled you as well. ...:)

solidt123472d ago

So if it hits the Japan PSN Thursday anyone with a PS3 can download it if you create a Japanese account. Sweet, I live in the US but have a Japanese account also and will be downloading the demo. The English version will Be on Xbox Live and US PSN next Thursday.

UnblessedSoul3472d ago

It's a shame for people who only have an xbox and only got a silver japan account they have to wait 1 week to download it

monkey6023471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

my live expired today :(

bloop3472d ago

So when's the demo hitting EU Marketplace, anyone know?? Looking forward to it. It'll feel strange playing DMC on an Xbox though :-\

craymoogy3472d ago

you can create a jp account, then download the demo. it's all in english like the previous dmc games anyway, so why care?

i have all 3 accounts, and I love them all.

bloop3471d ago

I thought MS banned multi-region accounts on one system?? Can you still do that??

Evil Rant Monkey3471d ago

You can still create accounts for different regions on one 360, but they've put a system in place. If you have a silver account, you have to wait a week after the release to download it. But the Japanese have some sweet themes and gamer pix.

sak5003470d ago

Really? i hv US and UK account, but still cannot d/l demos of club or stranglehold till now. Maybe cuz i'm in middle east?

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predator3472d ago

damit man whens it coming to UK marketplace or psn

mighty_douche3472d ago

31st of January (so they say).

You can always make a jap account, im just a little worried that it wont be in english. im gonna go do some research, if i find out ill report back for you.

Ashta3471d ago

MD: I thought that the Japanese version of DMC4 already had english audio tracks already? I can't exactly remember where but I thought that the JPN version had english audio but not english subs.

I'll have to double check but I'm pretty sure on that.

solidt123472d ago

Its funny that this is posted under Xbox 360 but most of the comments so far is from PS3 owners. lol

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