Atari Celebrates 40th Anniversary with New Game Releases and Special Promotions

Infographic and Sizzle Reel Highlight 40 Years of Gaming, Released with Details of Special Giveaways and Events.

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jamesensor2159d ago

Ahh, interesting. Although I lived in europe and got first a spectrum 48k, I later got a clone of this with 1000's of games. Atari was very adept of 2 player games which was awesome, 150 euros costed me at around the early 90's. I always enjoyed the frog game with flies and the cowboy duel lol

guitarse2159d ago

I had spiderman on mine, it was awesome, i was a red square that swung on a 10 pixel rope between gaps, it had little else to it :-p but I loved it non the less lol.

jamesensor2159d ago

The sounds were terrible, I also recall playing superman as you mentioned spiderman. nice thing was getting in to a phone booth and turn in to super! Everything else was a disaster ^^

guitarse2159d ago (Edited 2159d ago )

Spider man right here :D gotta love and hate those sound FX though, man we've come a long way in gaming lol.

MGregory6662159d ago

We owe a lot to these guys :-)

TotalRevue2159d ago

Ah Atari, how your era was gold

tweet752159d ago

without atari the gaming world would not be what it is today

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