Kaz Hirai is no longer Sony Computer Entertainment chairman

GB: Kazuo Hirai, president and CEO of Sony, has stepped down as Sony Computer Entertainment chairman


Poor title is poor. Kaz is now President of Sony, so he is stepping up, not down. ~cgoodno

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jujubee882093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )


^ If you want some background on this story.

Karooo2093d ago

It's amazing how far Kaz has come. Sad to see him go, I hope they make Yoshida chairman now.

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Shikoro2093d ago

He didn't go anywhere. He's been appointed to the CEO of Sony, meaning the entire corporation, and that is the highest position you can get in a company.

sikbeta2093d ago


Kaz is now President of the whole Sony Corp, that's why he's no longer CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment :P

MariaHelFutura2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

The title of this artical should be "Kaz Hirai promoted to CEO of Sony". Its funny how how people TRY HARD to make anything sound negative, even posistive things. It a sad state for an industry to be stuck in.

Frankfurt2093d ago

He stepped down because SCE, which used to be ok money-wise, had lost 1.2 billion dollars in 2011.

It used to be SCE and Sony insurance making a profit. Now it's just insurance.

raytraceme2093d ago

you do know that sony's movie and music divisions make profits as well right???

Cueil2092d ago

the industry isn't stuck in it retarded fan journalist are... it's been corrected... so just a badly worded

chad22hkd2092d ago

Wow talk about a attention grabbing headline. Wow these sites are making money, by giving misleading headlines on all their articles, and by getting gamers angry at each other with so stupid fanboy articles. Why do we allow them to make money like that?

N4G should stop all the fanboy bs articles, and give this site some class, it would be amazing how much quality content we could have here if they would actual try to control the stupid writers of these sites!

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miyamoto2093d ago

Funny how the once unwanted child, called the PlayStation, will save the whole Sony Corp company through Kazuo-san!

This will be very humbling for the old samurai's inside Sony corp.

I used to be a Sega fan and resented the PlayStation's overnight dominance. But even though I love my Dreamcast I ended up playing more on my PlayStation.

Now I have been following the history of the PlayStation and I tell you it has the best and the most dramatic story of all time in video game history.

What gravitated me to PlayStation brand is its integrity as gaming platform. It has run a steady & unwavering course through out history since day one of its conception.

Ever on the cutting edge of marrying high technology hardware & fresh new risky gaming content then presenting it to the mass market.

No matter where Sony PlayStation ends up it will always have my highest respect & enthusiasm.

I guess its Long Live PlayStation!

nukeitall2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

Playstation is also the only brand of console that deliberately forced removed a feature after I purchased and OWN the console.

xursz2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

nuke, do you really own a playstation, because you seem to spend a lot of time trolling them?

Wintersun6162093d ago

Forced? They did not. You can always disconnect your PS3 from the network and not update it. Not a good option, but an option nevertheless, thus they didn't force remove anything. Also, what xursz said.

Nathaniel_Drake2093d ago

Yeah the PS does have a great storyline to it and the reason why they never abandoned their core gaming audience unlike some other game company

GarandShooter2092d ago

Playstation may also be the only brand that helped you learn the difference between ownership of physical property and licensing intellectual property.

Wow, another thing to add to the 'It Only Does Everything' list.

pixelsword2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

"Playstation is also the only brand of console that deliberately forced removed a feature after I purchased and OWN the console. "

Not to put too fine a point on it, but if you buy a year of XBL once that year is up, don't they forcibly remove that feature once you purchased and own it? Oh, yeah; you can buy another year, just like you can not accept the upgrade, but all of that's splittin' hairs, ain't it?

karlowma2092d ago


forcibly remove xbox live? clearly you've never tried to unsubscribe.

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JTX1232093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

I just hope he can save japan's second most valuable export

doogiebear2092d ago

We love u Kaz. He was pivotal in making Playstation what it is today, and thus shaping gaming (since Sony seems to be the only one interested in protecting core gaming from the sellout casual market (even though Sony is still friendly to casuals too, to a degree)).

Brawler2092d ago

Yup hes the big cheese of everything now congrats to him

Crazyglues2092d ago (Edited 2092d ago )

How could people disagree with what you said, it's 100% true... I don't get it?


rezzah2092d ago

because those people cannot think.

andibandit2092d ago


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izumo_lee2093d ago

Well since the PS brand doesn't really need fixing like the rest of Sony's products I can see the reason for Kaz to focus on the other problems of the company.

I wonder who will replace Kaz...will it be Andrew House, Jacky T, or Shuhei Yoshida? It will be sad not to see Kaz at E3 to give us memorable quotes but i wish him the best of luck in his fulltime job.

torchic2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

Kaz said "no one man can have all that power" which I think sums it up. don't think it had much to do with what you suggested IMO. he seems like a nice man Kaz, only doing what's best for Sony. heading two very big "divisions" at the same time was overkill.

it was the perfect time for him to step down, as a new CEO can usher in his ideas for the PS4 and other PlayStation branded products.

MrMister2092d ago

He can still come to e3. In fact, he said playstation is going to be their main division, attempting to help all their other divisions to take a part in forming the playstation brand

pixelsword2093d ago (Edited 2093d ago )

Okay, okay; I'll take his job, Gheeze!

*puts on suit and tie*

"Ahem: Ridge Racer! RIIIIIDGE RAAAACER!"

Can I have my raise and medal now?


OT: I think since he did such a good job in the games division, they're using him in other places to sure-up the company to keep all of those new stock holders happy and get some good word-of-mouth publicity from investors.

TheRichterBelmont2093d ago

Well, that was quick. Maybe he'll join Namco now and be the Riiiiidge Racer spokesman.

thekiddfran2093d ago

Fool, did you read the article. He is now president of SONY.

chaolankennedy2093d ago

he obviously didn't. lol. but that'd be hilarious as a side job.

Azurite2093d ago

"Electronics giant Sony has appointed the former head of its games division Kazuo Hirai as president and chief executive officer in an effort to bring the company back to profitability."

Afterlife2093d ago

Read between the lines. SCE is part of Sony. He's now the boss of Sony.

Clarence2093d ago

CEO of one division of the company or CEO of the whole company.

The real story is entertainment division doesn't need help, but the rest of the company does.

Your right, that was quick. Kaz is now CEO of the whole company.

The title is should read " Kaz Hirai is no longer Sony Computere Entertainment chairman, He is now CEO of the Sony Company."

Congrats is in order.

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