What Makes A Good Shooter? writes: "The genre I’ll be examining today is the FPS/TPS genre, and while there are some key differences in playstyle, my belief is that the single most important aspect of the genre is universal.

"Now, this may seem like a difficult genre to make a single choice for – after all, so much goes into making the game play well. A variety of interesting and balanced weapons will take a shooter a long way, as will any interesting mechanical twists beyond the traditional “use gun on man” - Team Fortress 2 has proved that to us, having popularized and made mainstream things like lock-on healing beam weapons, rocket jumping as a feature that a class is balanced around rather than an advanced trick, and the charge-up sniper rifle to prevent good snipers from having complete dominance. It may not have been the first game to do these things, but it did them so well that it’s maintained a huge following for many years."

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