The Next Generation of Platformers

BootHammer - "We are quickly approaching the launch of the Wii U and with that brings us familiar faces but with a High Definition face lift. The Wii U launch window promises to bring not one but two amazing next gen platform based titles. Platformers and Nintendo go hand in hand, so let’s take a closer look at these potential system sellers."

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TrendyGamers2159d ago

Rayman Legends and NSMBWU looked really fun.

BootHammer2159d ago

I was hoping for a new Metroid or F-Zero but both of these launch titles look like a lot of fun and should make great use of the new gamepad.

ApolloAdams2159d ago

Hopefully we see a robust comeback for platformers that this generation has lacked outside of a few game franchises such as Rayman,LittleBig Planet, Mario, and various arcade type ones.

Blastoise2159d ago

Sonic generations was pretty good

BABYLEG2159d ago

Head over to Xbox live arcade... There were no shortage of platformers

Splooshington2159d ago

Rayman Legends looks far more interesting than the Mario offerings.

Grimhammer002159d ago

I loved Rayman origins on ps3. But, after playing it I felt done with platformers. I have to wonder if gaming as its matured, went away from platformers for a reason? Kiddies and retro lovers still get it of course. But, after you play Mario & rayman on wiiU...where to next? What will the system offer after the kiddish games you've finished? ZombieU is a start....asscreed3.....???

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