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1UP: "With great power comes a great mess of a game."

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lastdual1998d ago

This looks like one of those games where players and critics seem to have wildly different opinions.

Most of those playing the game seem to be really enjoying it, while a lot of "official" review sources are calling it mediocre. In these situations, I tend to trust the players more.

WeskerChildReborned1998d ago

I think most reviewers have high standards and expect games to be perfect. Sometimes i also think they get the wrong people to review the games.

clarkjudo1998d ago

Yes I agree. Picture yourself getting a game left on your desk and its your job to review it because others are busy with other things. Even though your type of ideal game is not there in front of you. I think it would be wise for people to ask around to see why this game is valued as it should be. Maybe read or watch interviews of the developers of the game? But with some time restraints I guess your sometimes on your own. LOL

GuyManDude1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

My theory:

Critics are leery of yet another Spider-Man game since there hasn't been a "really good" one in some time. This results in an extra-critical eye towards the game.

Gamers are starved for a good Spider-Man game, and are willing to overlook some of the game's flaws in light of the parts that work well.

My guess is the game is right in the middle of critics and gamers' scores. Probably a solid 7-8 game. It's not Batman: Arkham City good, but it's not X-Men: Destiny bad.

Of course, this is all conjecture from someone who hasn't played the game.

GraySnake1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

that's a spot on assessment.

Pros for me so far are:

1. Combat - Pretty much a bouncy, acrobaticy version of B:AC that fits pretty well just needs more varied animations.

2. Web-Rush - I think most people who have played will agree that once you learn the constraints of the system web-rush becomes pretty freaking awesome when used in conjunction with web-slinging and such. It still needs work but its a very polished mechanic.

3. Story and Camera - Story is pretty decent with some good VA work too ( Nolan is getting all evil on us lol ) and i think the new camera is spot on perfect, it really feels like you have the momentum and such.


1. Web-Swinging - WAAAAYYYY to simplistic. I mean it works but I think it needs to be more authentic.

That's really all I can complain about right now because the game is still fresh and such and a real critical look over wont happen till I beat the game and really picking what i liked and didn't like.

Essentially this game lays the best groundwork we have seen for a while and its possible that Spider-man 2 might receive its rightful successor in The Amazing Spider-man 2 if Beenox REALLY LISTENS to it's Fans feedback about the game.

clarkjudo1998d ago

I agree with you Lastdual, I started to see 9's from "non official big shots" who seemed to be more like ... gamers. But these "official" review sources you speak of are more like (paid) game critics who feel they have the "license" to rip apart games in so much that it takes away what games are to be ... fun. And the ability to allow every player to get lost in the world it offers. It seems also some do not do their homework in watching or reading what the developers are trying to present. And what all went into what is presented. How much time do you think they have to play through a full game experience on more than just easy (or normal) mode alone?

I am waiting patiently for my pre-order with the Stan Lee DLC. I cannot wait ... :)

soundslike1998d ago

Spiderman 2 was only good because the swinging was physical, you couldn't attach your web to clouds.

Why have these developers not realized that...

stuna11998d ago

This game is worth the price of admission , plan an simple! Reviewer have gotten their priorities mixed up, it a shame games can't be fun anymore! Now it's all about realism, since when has spiderman been realistic?

I'm enjoying it, I guess that's all that matters.