Spotlight: - Why You Should Check It Out

Here at ItemGet, we love Games. We do! Or we wouldn’t be here.
Our favourite gaming platform is PC, it’s versatile, there’s a ton of awesome and creative games and you’re guaranteed the game is going to look stunning on a good spec PC. Now we’ve given alot of love to Steam in the past (you know, that awesome PC game digital distribution service with amazing deals!) But we haven’t given nearly enough love to another awesome distributor that whips up nostalgia;

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Mariusmssj2189d ago

It's a really great service :D worth checking out and using

KentBlake2189d ago

Indeed. I'm a big fan of GOG.

barb_wire2189d ago

I've been using GOG for years now.

Don't forget to get 'Worlds of Ultima - The Savage Empire' or 'Ultima - Worlds of Adventure 2 - Martian Dreams' Both are FREE currently on GOG. Classic games that should be at least played once by all gamers.

ItemGet2181d ago

Didn't know that, will have to have a look at my games list! Thanks!