RipTen Review: Spec Ops: The Line (360)

Michael Futter writes: There have been a few games this generation that have evoked memorable reactions upon completion. I jumped out of my chair at the end of Mass Effect 2. I stared at the screen with my jaw dropped when I finished Batman: Arkham City. At the conclusion of Spec Ops: The Line, I removed my headset, blinked a couple of times and wondered how a military shooter could possibly leave such a deep and troubling impression on me. I will never forget this game.

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BlackjackCF2095d ago

I was ready for some Heart of Darkness corniness, but I guess I was wrong.

Vivalajmax2095d ago

Was completely off my radar until so many reviews have been talking up the game, might have to actually pick it up now.

browland12095d ago

I definitely look forward to picking this up, especially in light of all the positive reviews that praised the story.