The Walking Dead Ep 2 Release date

Developer Telltale Games just makes it in the "June" release window the creators targeted back in May. A company spokesperson said the announcement of the dates comes so late because Telltale had to wait "until all of their platform partners confirmed their publishing schedules."

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Kran2123d ago

Yay and boo that I have to wait until friday to play it :(

r212123d ago

sweet, i really liked the first one, Tt games did a bang up job on getting the walking dead atmosphere into the game :D

Mooncrawler2123d ago

I so loved episode 1 can't wait for the rest of the series

xAlmostPro2123d ago

It boggles my mind that schedules weren't set out before the release of episode 1.. one episode a month was bad enough wait lol..

Anyway it's coming now, shame i'm in the UK because it seems like we're the last to get it -_-

iTs_IDemonik2123d ago (Edited 2123d ago )

They did have the schedules set out, as it says in the article "Telltale had to wait until ALL of their platform partners confirmed their publishing schedules" so this means all the waiting around we done was for those lazy ass "Platform Partners" to do a little squiggle on a piece of paper?.

xAlmostPro2122d ago

Well if that's the case how did episode 1 manage to release without the 'signature' ?..

Don't release anything until everything is ready.

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