Zynga confirms that FarmVille 2 is in the works

Zynga closed its Unveiled event today in San Francisco with a hint of one of its big games to come: FarmVille 2.

Mark Pincus, chief executive of Zynga, introduced a new trailer of the game as he closed out a press conference where the company showed off its new slate of titles. He didn’t show any actual live game play of the game, but the trailer showed that the game is a significant step up in terms of graphics quality compared to the original Zynga game from 2009.

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acronkyoung2155d ago

Hurray! Another barrage of invites on my Facebook!

davidfca2155d ago

The thing I never really got about this game: why not use that time to, say, go outside and plant a garden? A window box, even, if you're short on space. Take that money you were going to blow on Facebook tokens to the hardware store and get a trowel and some potting soil. Farmville 2 may be prettier than Farmville 2, but an actual plant is prettier than either of them.

ATi_Elite2155d ago

What if you live in New York City where Grass cost $8,967 per square foot?

What if your allergic to plants and grass?

What if your a quadriplegic?

Then Farmville allows you to plant stuff!

RockYou2155d ago

I wonder if they'll improve the gameplay... HA!

ATi_Elite2155d ago

I was hoping they would use the Frostbite 2 Engine and add Destruction, Perks, and a Killstreak!

SybaRat2155d ago

So now casual gamers want sequel games?