Reflecting on ‘Enslaved: Odyssey to the West’

Commemorating its triumphs, mourning its missteps.

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Auron2062d ago

love this game. would love a sequel

Bimkoblerutso2062d ago

Story, characters and setting are really what this game had going for it. I mean, I loved it, but it definitely had problems in the gameplay department.

Kran2062d ago

Truly a great game that just didn't sell as much it should have.

StarFox2062d ago

game was trash one of the worst games i've played this gen by far.

Xman12312062d ago

i really want to hear your reason why it sucked

StarFox2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

Repetitive gameplay, lame characters (for a game that is supposed to be story based you have no sense of attachment to them whatsoever), graphics are mediocre, textures are a joke, the enemies are a bland, and are honestly just flat out crap when it comes to design and AI. the story is horrible and most of all what takes the cake is the stupid ending like really what in the hell were they thinking? it makes mass effect 3's ending look amazing.

MySwordIsHeavenly2057d ago

Actually, StarFox, it's based on a book called Odyssey To The West. They just kept the original story, including the ending.


MacUser19862062d ago

One the best games of 2010 in my opinion, I dominated that game and got all the achievements. I loved it.

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