Game Revolution - Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Review

Daniel Bischoff writes: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor promised a hardcore Kinect game, combining the Xbox 360 controller with the motion camera to create an experience we had hoped and dreamed for (and been promised repeatedly by corporate suits). It is a massive disappointment, an incredible frustration, and not worth the plastic box the game comes in. Still, let's try to have fun with this review, because I certainly didn't have any with the game.

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Sev1767d ago

LOLZER. This game sucks.

dbjj120881767d ago

Pffffftttt. What a stinker.

Raider691767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

From software must release a patch and just make the game totally!! controlable with the controler!just scrap the horrible kinect controls or give the players an option to play with the xbox controler only.

GameOn1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Gotta feel sorry for the fans. What a waste.

izumo_lee1767d ago

Another site that has proven that all those Resistance Burning Skies reviews were a joke.

A game that is completely broken & unplayable is only a point worst than a game that is completely playable & controls well.

I am sorry to bring this up again but where are the standards?

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