Preview: Pikmin 3 [Press2Reset]

Pikmin is making its break into the HD world when the Wii U releases. Randy Lamberson had some time with the game at E3.

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TheMrFraz1942d ago

I almost feel like Pikmin 3 is a tad too late...A few years earlier and I might have cared, but frankly I've moved on since the last one in 2004.

Sharodan1942d ago

I'll be new to the franchise. Gamecube is the one generation that I missed out on for Nintendo consoles so I'm looking to finally give it a shot.

TheMrFraz1942d ago

In that case, it's a blast. The gameplay is unlike anything else. So cute, yet so violent.

Yep, and now my nostalgia has made that original comment invalid. Looks like I want more Pikmin after all.

Elderly_Cynic1942d ago (Edited 1942d ago )

I've been eagerly anticipating a new Pikmin games since... well, since I finished the last one. It's about time!