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Forbidden_Darkness3382d ago

the game looks damn kewl ill be picking it up right away.

marinelife93382d ago

Looks better than Alan Wake.

gamesR4fun3382d ago

very impressive
most interactive environment Ive ever seen in this kind of game should be a lot of fun.

TnS3382d ago

You can watch in low quality on eNe3 or in HD here:

nix3382d ago

am i the only one who can't see gametrailers (youtube one can) videos on PS3? and i can't even log in N4G while browsing thru PS3... am i the only one?

marinelife93382d ago

Are you typing in or just


damn i love the ingame animations. very realistic

InMyOpinion3382d ago

The interactivity looks amazing. So do the graphics. And the variation. I love how you seem to control your arms freely with the right analogue stick(probably).

This game just made my most-wanted-for-2008-list.

Wardy3382d ago

This does look pretty damn awesome. That bit where he stabs a hole into the car petrol tank so it leaks then sets fire to it...awesome

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The story is too old to be commented.