Angry fans slam Telltale Games over delayed Walking Dead game

GamerZines writes: "Fans angered by the delayed second episode of The Walking Dead game have voiced their disappointment on Telltale Games's Facebook page."

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jesus christ just calm down...

Anon19742090d ago

Entitled gamers strike again.

SuperBeast8112090d ago

not entitled its not like I got it for free I pre paid for the season!

JaredH2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

Maybe I just have patience or maybe a couple hour episodic game isn't my gaming priority every month. I've been okay with waiting and can wait two or three months per episode without flipping out. It's not like they're not going to release the episodes or something. People will get them when they're ready.

brish2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )


I find the over use of entitled to be hilarious.

This isn't a case where people just expect to get something for free. People paid for a subscription for Walking Dead that includes one episode each month but they haven't been getting them.

Are you seriously suggesting that paying for something doesn't give you the right to get it?

brish2090d ago (Edited 2090d ago )

I found this when browsing the web.

Episode 2 coming to PSN this Friday:


This link has info for xbox users:

Denethor_II2089d ago

I think Telltale have finally got a quality franchise on there hands, and should be happy fans care enough to complain for more.

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avengers19782089d ago

I want it, but then again I want them all right now. Really enjoyed first episode and glad I paid for the whole pass... I wish it was out, but I'd take quality over speed anyday

SeekDev2090d ago

Unbelievable. Screw it, it's believable.

SeekDev2090d ago

Either they wait for a good game or take their chances now for a buggy one. That's really all there is to it. I'm leaving the morals of selling people a season pass and then not giving a firm release date out of this comment though.

dee232086d ago

Episode 2 took along time to come out and still had bugs and other technical issues that needed a follow up game patch. Could they not have released the game earlier and released a follow up game patch. I for one would have preffered the latter.

SeekDev2086d ago

Had they released it earlier than they did, it would have had even more bugs, which is even worse for them. A follow up game patch would have still taken until now to come out because it would take the same amount of time to find them all and fix them.

Les-Grossman2090d ago

They probably just should have waited to release it all at once. Like they did for Jurassic Park

solidboss2090d ago

this is why i never buy episodic games, give me the full game straight up for what i pay for it not have me wait for the next "episode" especially when its supposed to come the next month

Christopher2090d ago

You do know you could just wait to buy them all at once when they're complete, though, right?

I mean, I get not wanting episodic content, which means you can buy them all when they're done. But, they offer it up as an option to buy the games this way, and people know they will have to wait for each episode, so I don't really get the complaints. Both worlds can be happy.

user54670072090d ago

Yeah but that side of the world who get to enjoy the game before the other side who are waiting for all of them to be released at once are going to much happier.

Jaces2089d ago

I enjoy the episodic content waiting each month for the next, really gets my anticipation up. Can't wait for then next episode! :D

dee232086d ago

I agree. I like the concept of monthly episodic gaming. But it's only good when it works and games are released monthly otherwise people loose interest. Personally i find that story telling looses fluidity when there is lengthy breaks between episodes. Successful comics and tv shows hold interst due to regular episodes and consistency.

Arcanine2090d ago

i read the article and went to their face book just to add a comment ..Yes its about loyalty to us as its about money to them....

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