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Submitted by CranberryPub 1328d ago | news

Angry fans slam Telltale Games over delayed Walking Dead game

GamerZines writes: "Fans angered by the delayed second episode of The Walking Dead game have voiced their disappointment on Telltale Games's Facebook page." (PC, PS3, The Walking Dead: Episode 2 "Starved for Help", Xbox 360)

RIPSKATEDESTROY  +   1328d ago
jesus christ just calm down...
Anon1974  +   1328d ago
Entitled gamers strike again.
SuperBeast811  +   1328d ago
not entitled its not like I got it for free I pre paid for the season!
JaredH  +   1328d ago
Maybe I just have patience or maybe a couple hour episodic game isn't my gaming priority every month. I've been okay with waiting and can wait two or three months per episode without flipping out. It's not like they're not going to release the episodes or something. People will get them when they're ready.
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brish  +   1328d ago

I find the over use of entitled to be hilarious.

This isn't a case where people just expect to get something for free. People paid for a subscription for Walking Dead that includes one episode each month but they haven't been getting them.

Are you seriously suggesting that paying for something doesn't give you the right to get it?
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brish  +   1328d ago
I found this when browsing the web.

Episode 2 coming to PSN this Friday:


This link has info for xbox users:
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Denethor_II  +   1327d ago
I think Telltale have finally got a quality franchise on there hands, and should be happy fans care enough to complain for more.
avengers1978  +   1327d ago
I want it, but then again I want them all right now. Really enjoyed first episode and glad I paid for the whole pass... I wish it was out, but I'd take quality over speed anyday
SeekDev  +   1328d ago
Unbelievable. Screw it, it's believable.
SeekDev  +   1327d ago
Either they wait for a good game or take their chances now for a buggy one. That's really all there is to it. I'm leaving the morals of selling people a season pass and then not giving a firm release date out of this comment though.
dee23  +   1324d ago
Episode 2 took along time to come out and still had bugs and other technical issues that needed a follow up game patch. Could they not have released the game earlier and released a follow up game patch. I for one would have preffered the latter.
SeekDev  +   1324d ago
Had they released it earlier than they did, it would have had even more bugs, which is even worse for them. A follow up game patch would have still taken until now to come out because it would take the same amount of time to find them all and fix them.
Les-Grossman  +   1328d ago
They probably just should have waited to release it all at once. Like they did for Jurassic Park
solidboss  +   1328d ago
this is why i never buy episodic games, give me the full game straight up for what i pay for it not have me wait for the next "episode" especially when its supposed to come the next month
Christopher  +   1328d ago
You do know you could just wait to buy them all at once when they're complete, though, right?

I mean, I get not wanting episodic content, which means you can buy them all when they're done. But, they offer it up as an option to buy the games this way, and people know they will have to wait for each episode, so I don't really get the complaints. Both worlds can be happy.
user5467007  +   1328d ago
Yeah but that side of the world who get to enjoy the game before the other side who are waiting for all of them to be released at once are going to much happier.
Jaces  +   1327d ago
I enjoy the episodic content waiting each month for the next, really gets my anticipation up. Can't wait for then next episode! :D
dee23  +   1324d ago
I agree. I like the concept of monthly episodic gaming. But it's only good when it works and games are released monthly otherwise people loose interest. Personally i find that story telling looses fluidity when there is lengthy breaks between episodes. Successful comics and tv shows hold interst due to regular episodes and consistency.
Arcanine  +   1328d ago
i read the article and went to their face book just to add a comment ..Yes its about loyalty to us as its about money to them....
Big_Mex  +   1328d ago
ol whiny ass people who play videogames nowadays
b_one  +   1328d ago
its about time to release episode 2, they said it will be monthly - and now what ? episode 2 after half a year ?
Dlacy13g  +   1328d ago
half a year? exaggerate much?

And did they cancel the game? Are the gamers that got the season pass now not getting all the episodes for a discounted price? Oh episodes all still in production season pass buyers still getting all 5 episodes for the price of 4... stop your bitching.

Why am I reminded of a 5 year old crying and screaming "But I want it now mommy!"?
b_one  +   1327d ago
maybe a bit, but deal is a deal.
dee23  +   1324d ago
You work for telltale don't you? Your a loyal fan of their work,I get it. I don't think they need defending though. There big boys.

I think the majority of those that have complainned are dissapointed that their hopes were raised. I think it's understandable. Personally I'm cool now and accept that this game will not be as regular as telltale had promoted it would be. I just think it's said that I and others like me have come to this realisation and expect the game to be delayed as it illustrates how people have lost faith in Telltales ability to meet deadlines and expect the worst.

When people think of rockstar games they have possitive preconceptions and expect great things. Sadly, when people will think of telltale in time to come they will remember the long drawn out experience they had to endure before playing their games. Abscence makes the heart grow fonder but to much of anything is bad. These delays have the potential to sour the overal experience of playing the game.
Colonel_Dante  +   1328d ago
I paid up front for everything.
I was promised a monthly update.
The time had since elapsed, and we werent updated with what was happening.

People have reason to be angry.
I bet the next episode will release the end of July?
Kran  +   1328d ago
And hours later, the release date was announced for tomorrow and friday...
Trekster_Gamer  +   1328d ago
whiny children
azshorty2003  +   1328d ago
It's obvious these people aren't Half Life 2 fans. If they got this pissed off over 2 months, they would've burned Gabe at the stake long ago, and worse.
Colonel_Dante  +   1327d ago
Its obvious some of you fail to realise the entire schedule for Episode 3-5 will likely be affected by this late release.
Dlacy13g  +   1327d ago
And its obvious some of us dont and dlc get delayed all the time. Would you rather they rush it and produce something broken or bad just so they meet the original 1 month per episode goal?
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Moragami  +   1327d ago
No I'd rather they produce the episodes, in playable form, on a near-monthly basis, as they planned to do. Why even try to release games on an episodic basis if they're so bad at adhering to their own distribution model?
jamesensor  +   1327d ago
It's better to wait a few more days and have it done WELL. At least then people won't complain about bugs and an under-developed game.
sypher  +   1327d ago
They have every right to complain. Gamers who bought the season pass entered into a contract with Telltale Games, and they havent held up their side of things. So yes they should be getting shit for it, if they cant deliver an episode per month then dont say you can. Simple.

So hopefully it does release this week, but will the next episode release 28th July? I highly doubt it.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1325d ago
Let me see this legally binding contract.
sypher  +   1325d ago
It's called buying a product. Look up consumer contracts. When you go to a store and buy a tin of heinz beans. Open it up and find corn, well you entered into a contract when buying that tin of beans which means they have to provide you with what is advertised.

If they cant provide that, you have the right to get your money back or a replacement. And if you can prove the absence of them not providing you with the good/service you have paid for has somehow negatively impacted your life then you can file a lawsuit. It's how the world works...
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MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1324d ago
I didn't see the contract.

I wouldn't buy a tin of heinz beans that said, "We'll ship the rest to you throughout the next few months."

Would you?
Killman  +   1327d ago
So many idiots that are tossing the word 'entitled' around. Here is my word for you: Elitist.

People paying for monthly releases ARE 'entitled' to such a thing. Episode 1 can also be finished in TWO hours.
MySwordIsHeavenly  +   1325d ago
You keep saying that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.
BongSmack  +   1327d ago
Telltale was very ambitious with their every month promise, it sounds reasonable for gamers to request a refund. It's not reasonable to throw tantrums. Just think if they had released it after a month, the product would have had even more people crying about it's poor quality. What I find hilarious is that anyone was stupid enough to believe they would be released every month.

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