New PlayStation All- Stars character leaked: who is the blond-haired character wearing goggles?

Claims that a TV advert currently being filmed showcase a new character to the roster.


Update- This has been confirmed by our own source -

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Nitrowolf22155d ago

It's probably Jack for Jack and Daxter, but it could be also Cloud Strife

Trebius512155d ago

If it were cloud or jak im sure theyd be very recognizable. Cid is not very commonly known unless youre a FF fan, i would love to see him in the game hes one of my favorite recurring characters in the FF series anyway.

KingOptimusOrigin1112155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

His name is Jak not Jack. You spelled it wrong.

sikbeta2155d ago

Cloud = f*cking Megaton right there, hordes of FF fanboys eating up this game just to main Cloud :P Jak MUST BE in the Game

THESONYPS32154d ago

Be ready for:
Jak and Daxter
Ratchet and Clank
Crash Bandicoot
Connor (AC3)
Thats just naming a few.

LoneWolf0192154d ago

Cant be cloud he doesnt have goggles. Its gotta be cid

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Nimblest-Assassin2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

Im guessing cloud strife from FF7.... since it is considered the greatest final fantasy (I never played a game in the series... sorry) and was a PS1 exclusive, and its one of the best selling PS1 classic games on PSN

Also this

EDIT: Nitrowolf beat me to the punch

Also from the source " She was first assigned to “Team Sweet Tooth”, however due to her “looks”, she was upgraded to be teamed with, as she wrote in the text message, “a guy with blonde hair and goggles”.

Im beting on Cloud, since a lot of the characters from final fantasy do look like girls

And im guessing if it was jak she would have commented on the greenish yellow hair, and big pointy ears


DFogz2155d ago

"Im beting on Cloud, since a lot of the characters from final fantasy do look like girls"

While I don't argue that most of the characters from FF look like girls, the model for the shoot was supposed to be on Team Sweet Tooth, and Sweet Tooth definitely doesn't look like a girl.

I'd put my money on Jak, and this woman was probably assigned to his team because she's either blonde, has giant pointy ears or an ottsel for a best friend.

TenkoTAiLS2155d ago

Final Fantasy 7 wasn't a PS1 exclusive....well it may have been to start with if you count 9 months as exclusive. It was released on PC in 1998.

They should really label some of the characters as "guest" characters like Smash Bros did with Snake and Sonic. Because Big Daddy is in no way a "Playstation All-Star", cool character, great addition, but considering Bioshock was on Xbox and PC for quite awhile before the PS3 version finally showed up. It seems odd to put a character like that, from a game with multi-console release as a "Playstation All-Star".

Kinda like Crash and Spyro, I'd love to see them in for their contributions to Sony in the early days, but they have been multi-console and have been owned by non Sony companies now for much longer than they were ever Sony exclusive.

CranberryPub2155d ago

Deirdre from Coronation Street?

-Gespenst-2155d ago

Hopefully we get a soap brawler.

StayStatic2155d ago

How about a Dev/Publisher Brawler ?

We could have Bobby Kotick Vs Gabe Newell:

Bobby's Special power could be throw endless amounts of cod fish at people while Gabe could simply perform his fatality and run him over with his steam powered train.

dboyman2154d ago (Edited 2154d ago )

@ StayStatic Gabe Wins! Trainality!! XD

HarryMasonHerpderp2155d ago (Edited 2155d ago )

That would be epic.
EastEnders V Coronation Street.
Phil and Grant are unlockables.

lol at the disagrees =p

waltyftm2154d ago

lol, Final boss WELLARD!!!!

SirBradders2154d ago

Dot's special move Cig smoke
Kat's special move D Double slap
Ben's special Photo frame bonanza
Lucy's special chip fat express
Max's special shags your partner to death
Billy's hide and die
Janine's money mountain
patrick's special Yeeaaaa man

Jeff2572155d ago

Has got to be Jak from J&D. They have already shown a level from the first J&D game so having him in it is almost a given.

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