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Gran Turismo 5′s New DLC Set for Release June 27th

New screenshots, official dates, and pricing are now available for GT5's new downloadable content. (Gran Turismo 5, PS3)

hennessey86  +   812d ago
A HD PS2 track and a duplicate car...........great job PD.
BrutallyBlunt  +   812d ago
$5 for this? Lol, are you kidding me?
killerhog  +   812d ago
Yeah I been disappointed with gt5 car selection for the longest. They also dared to sell an upgraded jag that was a standard car for a price? When it comes to car selections and dlc forza 4 is the clear winner. I might just have to get me the nextbox to get my car fix. But then again who knows if another Tokyo extreme racer would be made for the nextbox.
Me-Time  +   812d ago
You be trollin'.
Gran Touring  +   812d ago
They're focusing they're efforts on the next GT game and it shows; old circuits and only Japanese cars for DLC with their international derivatives. The content has been lacking but the game is still fun.
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RioKing  +   812d ago
Meh, kinda disappointed after waiting months for new DLC :/
C0MPUT3R  +   812d ago
Good I want all major work going to GT6.
Me-Time  +   812d ago
Woooord. lol Seriously though.
LiquifiedArt  +   812d ago
this is great. bring on more tracks and cars!
contra157  +   812d ago
Hicken  +   812d ago
While the trolls who don't even play GT complain, I'll be enjoying Motegi and the FR-S.

I wonder who it sucks more to be?
BrutallyBlunt  +   812d ago
Most likely you because i will still be enjoying GT5, even without this DLC, and enjoying Forza as well while you argue with XBOTs all day and really have no time to enjoy anything because sticking up for Sony seems to be your full time job.
SKullDugger  +   811d ago
SKullDugger  +   811d ago
Do you own stock in SONY ?
mayberry  +   812d ago
Gran Turismo is king! Just watched a race on the motegi circuit yesterday!
Quisp  +   807d ago
I dont need no more stinking cars. I wish they would focus on giving us(albeit paying for it) the big tracks omissions that we expected and didnt get on their first Bluray GT version. Too many glaring omissions.

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